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 Subject :How to distinguish the true and false of Burberry bags.. 21-05-2019 14:45:51 
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All Burberry models start with ZA

At first glance, counterfeit products on the market are classified into low quality and high quality. The quality of low-quality counterfeit products is very low, at a glance. Burberry spelling is usually wrong, but high-end products are hard to find, and there are some basic ways to identify them.

1. All Fake Discount Burberry Handbags have laundry labels and labels, the model will be original and the model will match the model on the label.

2. All models of the bag ZA-? starting, wallet ZB? Clothing F.A. Therefore, when you want to buy, don't forget to pay attention to the number on the washing label. Since these items do not order counterfeit goods separately, they are usually used as a whole and the standard is eventually used.

3. Don't trust the auction jump of large stores, because the Burberry products on the market are very popular, and the products have second-hand value, so products below the market price should be skeptical, because many merchant products are sold, so should not Return. Even if you find yourself buying a Replica Cheap Burberry Handbag, you will say that you deliberately pretend and use it to change it. So there is no possibility of appeal.

4. The clarity of the wash and label often blurs the counterfeit product.

5. Burberry products absolutely do not have the so-called "outflow products", they often hear guests say that some stores say their Burberry products are incorrect products, 99% are Replica Luxury Handbags. There are not so many real cuts, all of which are bought by factory workers.

6. In addition to the above methods, the most fundamental method is to find a respectable and responsible company, rather than being too greedy and cheap, buying cheap and good, but the purchase will not be worth losing.

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