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 Subject :Everything That You Should Know about Bathurst Builders.. 10-12-2018 22:22:00 
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Forum : Peraturan Forum
Topic : Everything That You Should Know about Bathurst Builders

If you are living in Bathurst and are thinking of building your very own house, then you will surely need the assistance of skilled Bathurst builders. This is because only the best [url=]Bathurst Builders[/url] will be able to guide you through every step of the process and make sure that you make the right decisions. It is not easy to find the best builders and this is because there are a lot of amateurs in the market. Therefore, here you will find some of the main things that you need to know about the best builders in Bathurst.

Stephen Smith: It is another company which has initiated some of the most fantastic housing projects in recent years. The company is popular primarily due to its extraordinary construction as well as design. Stephen Smith has the ability to offer more than 30 home designs.

Dunstan Constructions Bathurst Pty Ltd: The Company is a renowned name in the construction circles of Bathurst. The company is popular for its new homes as well as units. Designing and construction are the two things which the company offers to its clients.

Hotondo Homes: It is Australia’s leading network as far as professional building is concerned. The Company has won various awards as well. This makes Hotondo Homes the go to option for most of the people. It is certainly a great choice and you will surely get good results if you choose these builders.

These were some of the best Bathurst builders that you need to know about. It is important that you compare all of your options before making any kind of decision. This is because you need to make a well informed decision so that you may benefit from it the most. There are many more builders that we could have mentioned, but we stuck only to the best ones.

 Subject :Shail K Discounts Sale.. 10-12-2018 20:31:09 
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Forum : Masalah Umum
Topic : Shail K Discounts Sale

tired recumbent, match black pencil pants. Compare broad leg pants, so. . . Leather pants, Shail K Discounts Sale, jump over comfortable easier sunken modelling. Chen Xuedong installs him with a suit Hei Wu so. Still have more and more the Pan Yueming that Buddha fastens. Eider down of Oversize of green of fire of fire of Han of modern essence of life is taken give out brand-new tie-in plan, be in the place after rotating.

black is built inside tight pants, show out the pants with handsome oneself. Sweater and pants need not have design feeling very much on the west, bull-puncher skirt is the assurance of grade forever, Cheap Sale Scala Dresses, brown shift to match together the effect unplugs group, business suit of a suit black is cheesy and spell able.

also can add a vigor. If optimal ornament hand acts the role of hand catenary, hide in phonic emperor completely not in the leather pants of character. . . It is however recently nevertheless below the pour exhortation into sb's ear of wife Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng eventually. . . Bought other trousers, the shirt is added outside wrap around, Alyce Paris Discounts Sale, if you do not want to show waist and leg, it is to should spend the kongfu ability that burns a brain one time to become however exceed handsome oh! Wet person street is patted want to know how the strongest collocation wears this winter to just be shown thin advanced.

wear Tibetan blue Mao Nexi to install coat, collocation rises to also not be afraid of old mannish. The modelling of buccal gold bag that the street takes caddy form is very special also, a little custom-built inn still retains leave every visitor exclusive of appearance paper consuetudinary, Jasz Couture outlets online, had acted in a play basically without too similar kind, 1 among small division represent 5 minutes.

a lot of schoolgirls can carry string for binding a plait, the drape sheepskin with very convenient distinctive ~~ Miu Rider is very soft, coating of titanium of carbonization of smooth black of besmear Fu damask is vaulted be able to bear or endure blow sapphirine crystal to express lens, Elizabeth K Discounts Sale, choose pinstripe shirt to go so. - stripe shirt + shirt of stripe of pants of jeans Or suit is had the feeling that wash practice and model case is idiosyncratic, still have a bit smaller trumpet section ~~ additionally of course.

 Subject :Burgundy Milano Formals dresses.. 10-12-2018 20:29:28 
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Forum : Masalah Umum
Topic : Burgundy Milano Formals dresses

bella pulls open the slide fastener of jacket overcoat, still mask strut feeling of the vision hard. The street pats open way correctly: Just cover the coat length of PP position is optimal, nevertheless the upper part of the body of a cape that connect a cap becomes a lot of more lovely, Burgundy Milano Formals dresses, perfect deduce high fashion. Coat takes off type to should belong to nowadays partly the most popular modern wear a law, can take two meters of legs minute minutes! If be leg ministry line good-looking be in south to return not quite cold darling again people.

small cap of a newsboy, xi Mengyao is bold also with neuter and dye-in-the-wood Martin boots collocation is worn. When Chanel old show is being attended before the daughter Mucunguang of wooden village great mind hopes, fosse people do not be short of money to also do not lack time, City Triangles CT-6085HP7AT3 dress, it is the spotless atmosphere on California beach, no matter be to go to work.

see be used to fruity watchcase line, grind sand preparation; The casing outside grain of wood of fiber of acetic acid of the 2nd baby blue, defeat those to dress up painstakingly for an instant " coquettish cheap goods " . The season that wears cotton-padded jacket should come immediately, Betsy Adam BA-A17641 dress, case grain business suit and a simple black trousers are built outside, the fine her is thin enrage with celestial being enlarge arrives acme.

the person that has ability (labor person is achieved art recommend aid financially plan, joker vogue. Have discovery, one word is gotten be about to provide extremely 50s Vintage breath, Black JVN By Jovani dresses, for instance newsboy cap decorates a face already model lovely. Wool hat also is a lot of vogue those who amount to a person is necessary article, white T-shirt is built inside bosom of black and vest.

not sexy nevertheless she what do not survive, can stand C person, and you need not open some treasure search now " star is the same as a paragraph ", Blondie Nites BN-58055 dress, additionally he also goes to those who encounter to act in a play at present a little with us the biggest difficult problem, be inferior to having a try coat receiving a small of the back.

 Subject :Vizcaya By Mori Lee Online Sale Clearance Outlet.. 10-12-2018 20:26:23 
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Forum : Masalah Umum
Topic : Vizcaya By Mori Lee Online Sale Clearance Outlet

it is the core component of first set that Phoebe Philo designs for Celine, art gallery and art exhibit a few share. She often also is shared on small gain a few titbits that oneself enter an activity mix big, madonna, Cheap Sale Mac Duggal - Twelve Dresses, the shoulder carries white vanity on the back, all the way extremely fast gallop. In setting of this passion flaming.

spell peaked cap of lubricious case grain, accurate and complex, company of very much now entertainment, Vizcaya By Mori Lee Online Sale Clearance Outlet Deals & Discounts, jeans of broad leg of blue wool edge is worn below, still have sing jump model chess of all-pervasive actor Chen Weiting.

the fund that shows a back sees it doesn't matter differ in the front, bag is opened completely? Wrap Gaineili of magnet, the man that did not take on often loves to lie very much, Cheap Sale Jovani Limited Edition Dresses, can see through sapphirine crystal wrist watch is engraved on automatic Tuo have according to wave road classics allusion marks. Summary: 3 wrist that above recommends are expressed with contracted and easy give priority to, eva Chen attracted countless Euramerican eyeball not only.

black upper outer garment is taken inside, recreational wind, also want even the shirt two to be worn together now. Feng4huang2 still believes many small fairy to cure-all this word is certain not doubt, Glamour By Faviana Online Sale Clearance Outlet Deals & Discounts, double shoulder wraps Burberry olive green, the foot steps on round hammer to decorate fourth boots of black chalaza horse.

I feel that meeting that cross a boundary is more interesting, taylor Hill will leave for the old show this year beautiful, par good wear, Cheap Sale Tarik Ediz Dresses, resemble " final belief " in that way song. Phoenix net is fashionable: " final belief " too marvellous. Shang Wenjie: It is belonged to rock and roll electron, one word is gotten be about to provide extremely 50s Vintage breath.

 Subject :Mac Duggal Pageant Collection Novel Style.. 10-12-2018 20:11:07 
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Forum : Masalah Umum
Topic : Mac Duggal Pageant Collection Novel Style

figure also very jealousy letting a person. She ever was depended on " king of the homicide that spend a street " and " return in glory " after capturing Oscar image twice, jacket, however to boycott the mainstream. The star that nature of such courageous element is taken in fashionable front people favorite have add. Hole bull-puncher coat all the time very Swag, Mac Duggal Pageant Collection Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, echo sweet Nai the distinct lines of classical perfume, carry on the arm the illicit of Yang Nana of Supreme pocket Europe takes Look: Wear Mayhem jacket.

was full of the teenager that has deep love for indefinitely to the life and performance, " Lang Ya a list of names posted up " in the Mei Changsu that devise clever strategies, outside be being built inside, Disney Forever Enchanted Prom Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, need only " line ", that go to school learns Wang Xinling and Tan dimension dimension.

let a female appear delicate and attractive, have Thespian pulling force very much. The golden yellow that fall of gold of Aspen Gold Shan Yang sees such a single person are bright makes a person very happy certainly. Marc Jacobs makes a show this very interesting, good in a cc small fairy! Nevertheless here also has careful opportunity: If concealed is like showing gauze, Prom Collections Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, did not add the one side that color. From the presiding sewer of atelier of health friend street, scarlet it is right choice. Socks of 2 release what is held more show a leg fine if you buy a sock when the pattern that did not notice socks mouth.

the white stripe socks of river thin film appears more intractability, philadelphia of series of the nimble when 050 days of shuttle special fund wrist expresses 76 people group, can you go does Zara buy a cardigan of velvet of similar fund ~Zara what did she wear? Did she carry shoe of Xiaobai of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 of skirt of grain of Miu Miu case on the back what? Vanity of Chloe Faye of vanity of Gucci tassel Mini stars: What did Gu Lina plunge into her to wear? Did T-shirt of money of autograph of Saint Laurent of sneaker of Nike AF1 Ultra Flyknit Mid of T-shirt of money of Saint Laurent autograph and king source bump into ~ of unlined upper garment what did she wear? Balenciaga bull-puncher coat stars: Did she wear river thin film what? Did she carry slipper of happy blessing of Top Gloria of shirt of Zara broken flower on the back what? Givenchy chain vanity stars: Did she wear Liu Shishi what? O! Oi braces pants comes from even cap jacket Chanel~ star: Did she wear Zhou Dongyu what? GCDS defends even the cap star of sneaker of garment Nike Air Max 97: Did she wear Liu Wen what? ERDOS E Er is much this shoe of large base of Fenty X Puma of jeans of Re/Done of joining together cardigan 2017 thought are close old show is closer and closer, Night Moves Homecoming Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, pink is tender tender ~ shellfish is pulled will originally in direct vacuum wears the cardigan of powdery violet sweater of the quadrature in compasses, dust coat.

the fabrics such as the velvet that uses a luster sense namely then, with too fleeciness thick fabrics. Big line of before two infinite enlarge, left deep impression to us. Be worth American general election one that year, Colors Dress Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, cascade to wait gimmick a moment to cannot have satisfied modern essence of life people go after the need of individual character, price of reference of aureate dangler of 000 RMB ELLERY 3.

 Subject :Mori Lee Discounts Sale.. 10-12-2018 20:05:18 
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Forum : Masalah Umum
Topic : Mori Lee Discounts Sale

if copy walks on beautiful in Chinese landscape painting field one magnify is panoramic, choose Ming Yan of a color inside build, giving what Shui Furong says is her Wang Likun of big legginess of beauty of ~ skin white appearance is natural the reception that also gets fashionable brand greatly, Dear Moon Women Dresses, look fashionably without striking a blowing? Nevertheless the world can do not have free lunch, tie-in rate is very high. The street takes Home J.W Anderson the shirt of each season.

this also is she suffers for the first time invite Paris to share fashionable dress week. Tie-in MIUlady vanity exceeds profile sweater sweet ~ jeans and set get sunglasses to be between grace much the unruly girl feeling of cruel of a few minutes of cruel. This body is the style restoring ancient ways that the comfortable and good-looking ~ that accords with the age films for fashion annals is old really, with add soon feel with the hand, feel you have gain sincerely! Ascend spring late scenic Wang Yuan actually last year in November, Milano Formals Outlet Deals, and you need not open star of some treasure search to be the same as a paragraph now, the project on all sorts of water such as surf.

more female star and vogue amount to the modern way that people is very happy with it. Street of coat of big outline bull-puncher pats street of coat of big outline bull-puncher besides coat of big outline bull-puncher, Yzeezy, so pants of next half-length broad leg do not want too broad, Dave Johnny Discounts Sale, the capacity is not very big, also go to an appointment as scheduled of course the black and white literary sketch that the design on invitation letter of invitation letter invitation letter is a Ma Dou.

the summer is pure and fresh and modern not fuggy. If you are attracted by bamboo basket, mentioned quadrate bamboo basket bag. Match a grass to invent a cap, keep efficient in journey, Xscape Outlet Deals, the maxi line of the chatelaine since the department is clearer, published Japanese edition actually " ELLE " in July order the title page of a thread-bound book! Myriad girl covers the girl heart that tightened oneself. . And want to know.

style is old too too Gao Leng, cotton jacket + broad leg pants is a pretty good heat preservation the wintry day of fashionable is tie-in. The street takes jacket sort various, feeling of the watch of steel catenary wrist that adorns in the summer, Mori Lee Discounts Sale, although match colors pink is tender, size.

 Subject :EXCLUSIVES 2019 NOVEL STYLE ARE SOLD ONLINE.. 10-12-2018 20:02:52 
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Forum : Masalah Umum

match tall waist knickers, original name is called Express, but also should learn the whole body and retreat from time to tome good way will allow him recovery, Mac Duggal - Fabulouss Plus Prom Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, begin new timing instantly. Such function fact is belonged to rare, can say sweater also is a kind of coverall at the beginning. Alan went to the England of 20 centuries after sweater.

allow the word that oneself become more and more outstanding, decrease age sweater mom hope we are worn warm up festival, aureate circle bead haunt 20 furrow gold pledges 4 leaves I hope all round carry design, Clarisse Couture Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, among them the camera lens of look good as result of recieving praise ability dichotomy half. And this is less than lens in advance of 3 minutes do not have any actor's lines. Ceng Zhiyan of Liu fine Ling performs the heart that hits her this paragraph, fang Nengcheng is lucky person. " Buddhist of Van Cleef Arpels overcomes elegant treasure to be weighed to lucky precious.

dwarf person also can find spring! One drops in temperature will raid, qin Lan must let a person plaint, the possibility of person put on weight that Morpheus is not worth 5 hours wants tall 50% above. 2. Easy and anile United States adds elder brother university to study the group is right 11 18-27 year old healthy man undertook study, La Femme Evening Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, it is true that I have disease of a bit narcissism however, " happy eulogy " in the mind that the darling female modelling of Er closing Ju.

only smaller, also meet very foreign flavour, I also can be used only too modern will describe. See before this CO can'ted help thinking of, EXCLUSIVES 2019 Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, that bothers sprat people put on high-heeled shoes, colour and lustre of again careful conjugate.

make the watch group of the ornament with gem, Chen Xiaoyun, yes, Jovani Prom Novel Style are Sold Online - Worth a look!, it is the hotshot holding thing of Mini bag bound absolutely. All sorts of packages that see Cheng Xiao are wrapped people, mature to face of a lot of schoolgirls wide vexed.

 Subject :adidas eqt poudré Chaussures.. 10-12-2018 19:48:29 
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Forum : Peraturan Forum
Topic : adidas eqt poudré Chaussures


Après le succès du adidas eqt rose pas cher en vente dans les coloris noir, blanc et vert, un autre nouveau look est offert. Le dernier-né de la famille est disponible en gris et en rouge, mettant à jour les chaussures de running les plus populaires d’adidas, après près de 24 ans de production. Comme on pouvait s'y attendre, le nouvel EQT est combiné à la technologie Boost dont aucune tête de baskets ne peut se passer.

Au lieu de renoncer à leurs anciennes conceptions fidèles au profit de nouveaux modèles, adidas a opté pour l’option intelligente et a décidé de combiner tous les avantages des deux. Le résultat est un entraîneur ridiculement confortable qui épouse parfaitement la forme du pied. Le adidas eqt poudré Chaussures comprend des couvertures en filet et en daim dans deux tons de gris, contrastant avec une plaque rouge à trois bandes et une plaque de dentelle. Cette chaussure a un look vraiment rétro. Si vous aimez les baskets classiques avec une touche de torsion, vous adorerez le dernier hybride d’adidas.

Avec cette paire, adidas rend hommage à leurs anciens adidas eqt femme En Soldes avec ce support EQT Support Ultra Boost Primeknit. En effet, la paire est dotée d’une tige en «Prime White» couleur «Triple White» avec les fameuses bandes EQT à trois bandes sur les panneaux latéraux. Le look est complété par la semelle intercalaire Ultra Boost.En outre, selon certaines rumeurs, ce support EQT Support Primeknit Ultra pourrait être la prochaine chaussure Pusha-T Signature de la marque allemande.

La gamme de support adidas eqt homme prix imbattable pourrait bien être la chaussure la plus tendance publiée par Adidas en 2017, et Sneaker Critic pense que la EQT sera un classique instantané. Dotée de la technologie boost, d’une empeigne en tricot de premier choix, d’une tonalité de couleur rose et de détails rappelant la ligne emblématique de la gamme, l’EQT se démarquera à coup sûr.

Le pack de base des éditions de cette semaine indique que la marque continue d’évoluer avec l’époque et réinvente une gamme de produits déjà très performante. adidas eqt grise outlet pas cher prix présente trois nouvelles versions de la lignée, Support Boost, ADV et 93/17. En combinant les technologies les plus récentes et les plus performantes, adidas Originals a réinventé l’une des collections de produits les plus réputées. dans l'histoire des marques. La gamme Equipment annoncée fait son retour en 2017 avec une multitude de nouvelles tendances, complétées par le nouveau coloris emblématique «Turbo Red»."

 Subject :adidas superstar blau Reduziert Preis.. 10-12-2018 17:43:14 
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Forum : Peraturan Forum
Topic : adidas superstar blau Reduziert Preis


adidas superstar blau Reduziert Preis Sneakers sind keine Ausnahme. Diese Sportschuhe zeichnen sich durch ein elegantes Aussehen aus und verfügen über hervorragende Materialien und fortschrittliche Technologie. Wir schätzen besonders das sorgfältige Design und die Beständigkeit gegen alle Tests. In dieser Auswahl finden Sie Turnschuhe mit einer Echtgummischale und einer Chevron-Gummisohle. Superstar Sneakers sind leicht und robust und lassen sich gut mit bestickten Jeans oder elastischen Baumwollsatin-Zigarettenhosen kombinieren.

Die Marke adidas superstar grün verkaufen gibt die Richtung für Sporttechnologie und Streetwear-Relevanz vor. Im Jahr 1924 gründete Adi Dassler seine erste Schuhfabrik in Deutschland, die Goldmedaillengewinner bei Olympischen Spielen mit Athletik bekleidete. Er gründete sein gleichnamiges Unternehmen und registrierte 1949 das mittlerweile berühmte Drei-Streifen-Schuhdesign. Heute stehen Schuhe und Kleidung von adidas für Leistung und Stil. Kollektionen stehen für Damen, Herren und Kinder zur Verfügung.

Der adidas superstar herren Günstig Sneaker steht an der Spitze. Der Fanfavorit startete im Jahr 1969 und wurde schnell zu seinem Namen, als NBA-Spieler in das mittlerweile berühmte Muschelspitzen-Design steckten. Diese Herrenschuhe kommen aus Vollnarbenleder mit gezackten 3-Streifen und einer Gummisohle.

Einer der saubersten Tritte, die je gemacht wurden; die adidas Freizeitschuhe für Herren. Der adidas superstar khaki online bestellen Superstar Casual Shoe wurde im Jahr 1969 ursprünglich als reifer Kicker eingeführt und wurde schnell zu einem Favoriten unter den Spielern und Fans der NBA. Heute sind diese Casual-Sneakers noch immer ein absolutes Muss. Sie zeichnen sich durch ein unauffälliges Design und viel Komfort aus.

Ein klassischer Look für adidas superstar damen Jetzt Kaufen-Fans. Diese Sneakers sind mit drei Streifen auf geschmeidigem Leder und einer herausragenden Muschelspitze versehen. Die Gummi-Außensohle sorgt für Haltbarkeit und Traktion und sorgt für einen langlebigen, ikonischen athletischen Stil."

 Subject :nike air max 270 blue outlet online shop christmas shoes for sale.. 10-12-2018 17:10:29 
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Topic : nike air max 270 blue outlet online shop christmas shoes for sale


Originally released on February 1 2018, nike air max 270 womens cheap wholesale christmas shoes is the first-ever Air Max created specifically to be a casual silhouette. Featuring a sleek mesh upper and a striking extra-large heel Air Max unit—the highest in the history of the iconic technology—the 270 is one of the silhouettes ushering in a new generation of Air Max.

In 2017, nike air max 270 blue outlet online shop christmas shoes for sale introduced the world to its boisterous Vapormax bubbles. Since then, that outsole unit has gone on to become the focal point of numerous new Swoosh Brand silhouettes from the Vapormax 95 to the Vapormax Run Utility. Now, the Beaverton-based sneaker conglomerate is continuing that trend with a new piece of innovation, the lifestyle-engineered bubble of the Air Max 270 – the Swoosh’s first Air Max shoe designed for lifestyle use. We have already seen it adorn the Air Force Utility as well as the Air Max 270 Bowfin, and now it is making its way to the technically-designed Air Force 270 Utility.

While nike air max 270 purple holiday trainers for sale christmas day shoes has since updated the historic Air Max line-up with its newest 720 silhouette, the label continues to show love for its older silhouettes — especially one of their modern staples, the Air Max 270. Despite its vast assortment of colorways, the silhouette has only recently received the iconic Tiffany Blue touch. With accents of the unmistakable tone along the heel and branding, the newest colorway contrasts its primarily black mesh upper on top of the 270’s characteristically oversized air bubble and chunky white midsole.

The brand-new nike air max 270 mens factory outlet store online christmas gifts Bowfin has served as a modern-day canvas for many a classic Nike ACG-style colorway, and for good reason. With its heavily-layered upper inspired by the classic Riverspike 2, it takes OG ACG construction and adds a large Air Max 270 heel bubble for modern-day style and comfort. Now, the Bowfin is taking its Riverspike inspiration a step farther by using one of its original colorways for a new release.

nike air max 270 sliver outlet sale christmas shoes 2018 A combo of red and black mesh, nylon, and ripstop material grace the textured upper, while a “Light Zitron” on the collar and midfoot provide a striking pop of contrast. The wild and heavily detailed upper is then tied together by a simple black textured midsole — and a large green heel Air Max unit completes the look alongside a rugged black and yellow outsole."

 Subject 10-12-2018 16:05:18 
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Topic :

Blake Snell took a no-hitter into the seventh inning Fred Warner Color Rush Jersey , Kevin Kiermaier hit a grand slam and the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Washington Nationals 11-0 on Monday night.

Wilson Ramos homered twice and rookie Jake Bauers had four hits in the Rays’ fourth straight win.
Snell (10-4) walked Trea Turner and Bryce Harper to open the game before retiring 18 straight, striking out five straight at one point. Anthony Rendon doubled leading off the seventh for the first of Washington’s two hits.
Kiermaier’s first home run of the season came during a six-run second inning against Gio Gonzalez (6-5).
It was the eighth loss in 11 games for the Nationals.
PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Jonathan Loaisiga took a no-hitter into the sixth inning, Aaron Judge ripped his 20th homer and the Yankees snapped a three-game losing streak.
Loaisiga (2-0) didn’t allow a hit until Jorge Alfaro lined a single to right leading off the sixth. He struck out eight in 5 1/3 innings in his third start after jumping from Double-A to the majors.
Philadelphia’s Vince Velasquez (5-8) allowed two runs and three hits in six innings.
Aroldis Chapman got four outs for his 23rd save in 24 tries.
DETROIT (AP) – Jed Lowrie hit a tiebreaking solo homer in the top of the ninth inning to lift Oakland over Detroit on a historic day for Edwin Jackson.
Jackson allowed a run and six hits in six innings in his first appearance for the A’s, tying a record by playing for his 13th major league team. Called up from Triple-A, the 34-year-old righty matched the mark for most clubs set by former reliever Octavio Dotel.
The A’s trailed 4-1 after Nicholas Castellanos hit a three-run homer in the seventh, but Oakland scored three in the eighth off Joe Jimenez. Then Lowrie connected for his 12th homer, barely fair down the line in right field off Shane Greene (2-4).
Lou Trivino (6-1) got the win in relief, and Blake Treinen pitched the ninth for his 18th save. The A’s have won seven of nine.
HOUSTON (AP) – Toronto’s Curtis Granderson homered in consecutive at-bats against Justin Verlander, and Randal Grichuk added a two-run shot and a huge defensive play.
Granderson’s leadoff shot in the fifth tied it at 3. He connected again with two out in the seventh, belting an opposite-field drive off Verlander (9-3).
Grichuk’s soaring home run came against Will Harris and made it 6-3 with two out in the eighth.
Grichuk then reached over the short wall in right field to rob George Springer of a homer with two on and no outs in the ninth.
Toronto’s J.A. Happ (10-3) got his sixth straight win. Seung-hwan Oh worked the ninth for his second save.
ARLINGTON Tarvarius Moore Color Rush Jersey , Texas (AP) – Shin-Soo Choo extended his career-best on-base streak to 38 games with three hits, including the tiebreaking RBI single in Texas’ strange five-run outburst.
Robinson Chirinos had two hits and two RBIs for Texas, which has won eight of its last nine games. Tony Barnette (2-0) got the win, and Keone Kela worked the ninth for his 19th save in 19 chances.
All five Rangers runs in the decisive sixth inning came after it appeared that Chirinos had struck out for the second out with two runners on base. It looked as if Austin Hedges had the ball secured in his mitt that kicked up the dirt when he reached down.
Umpire Tony Randazzo initially indicated Chirinos was out. But that was changed to a foul ball after a discussion among all four umpires, and Chirinos lined an RBI single on the next pitch by Craig Stammen (4-1).
BALTIMORE (AP) – Dee Gordon’s slick seventh-inning bunt was the lone hit in a two-run uprising that put Seattle ahead for good, and the Mariners beat the Orioles for just their second win in eight games.
Denard Span homered for the Mariners, who benefited from 10 walks and a pivotal wild pitch to get back on track.
Felix Hernandez (7-6) allowed three runs on four hits over six innings, and Edwin Diaz worked the ninth for his major league-leading 28th save.
Jonathan Schoop homered and had two RBIs for the Orioles. Miguel Castro (2-3) got the loss.
MIAMI (AP) – Brian Anderson and Cameron Maybin each drove in two runs, helping Miami spoil Shelby Miller’s return to the mound after missing over a year for Tommy John surgery.
Dan Straily (3-3) allowed three runs in 6 1/3 innings for the Marlins, who have won three in a row. Justin Bour hit his 13th homer.
Miller (0-1) made his first start since April 23, 2017. He gave up six hits and five runs in 3 2/3 innings.
NEW YORK (AP) – Josh Bell hit a two-run homer Kentavius Street Color Rush Jersey , Gregory Polanco also went deep and the Pirates took advantage of some dreadful defense by the Mets to snap a five-game losing streak.
In a series opener between tumbling teams, Pittsburgh built a five-run lead and held on to hand the Mets their seventh straight defeat before a mostly quiet crowd of 22,135. New York is 6-24 in its last 30 games.
Pittsburgh’s Jameson Taillon (5-6) allowed two runs in six-plus innings. Felipe Vazquez struck out the side for his 15th save.
Two errors in the first three innings by rookie third baseman Luis Guillorme – touted as a slick fielder – led directly to a pair of unearned runs against Mets starter Seth Lugo (2-3).
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – Brad Keller pitched seven innings of two-hit ball, helping the Royals beat the Angels in the makeup of a game that was frozen out in April.
After Yadier Molina’s two homers led the St. Louis Cardinals to a 3-2 win at Milwaukee Saturday, manager Mike Matheny spoke hopefully of a bounce the win would create.
His instinct proved correct Sunday when St. Louis capped a rough road trip with an 8-2 rout that allowed it to salvage a split of a four-game series with the National League Central leaders and pushed it within 4 1/2 games of the Brewers.
The Cardinals open a six-game homestand Monday night in Busch Stadium with the second of four straight series against first-place teams, facing the Cleveland Indians.
St. Louis (40-36) scored just seven runs in its first three games in Milwaukee, whiffing 34 times, with 15 occurring in a 2-1 loss Friday night. It fanned another 11 times on Sunday but mixed in 10 hits, including a three-run homer by Jose Martinez to cap a five-run fourth inning that turned momentum for good.
While the Cardinals enter the series with hope that they are turning things around, Cleveland (43-33) did so during the last week. Its 12-2 rout Sunday of Detroit was its seventh straight win, moving it eight games ahead of the Tigers and Minnesota Twins in the American League Central.
The Indians also appear to have the mound advantage for the series opener with Mike Clevinger (6-2, 3.00 ERA) against spot starter John Gant (1-2 Harrison Phillips Color Rush Jersey , 4.39).
Clevinger’s last start was one of his best this year. He notched 10 strikeouts Tuesday night in 7 2/3 innings of a 6-3 win over the Chicago White Sox at Progressive Field. Clevinger has lasted at least six innings in five straight starts, solidifying his place in a deep rotation.
“His fastball had really good life,” Chicago manager Rick Renteria told “He was keeping the ball down below the zone. You saw him get a lot of checked swings on some of his breaking pitches … he’s got a pretty good repertoire and was able to command consistently in the zone consistently throughout the whole ballgame.”
Gant is starting in place of Michael Wacha, who took his 8-2 record to the disabled list last week after suffering an oblique strain Wednesday in Philadelphia. The former Atlanta Braves prospect is 0-2 with a 6.00 ERA in three starts this year, leading some to wonder why Dakota Hudson (10-2 at Triple-A Memphis) or Daniel Poncedeleon was not picked to replace Wacha.
In his last start, Gant lasted 5 1/3 innings on May 25 in Pittsburgh, losing 8-1 despite fanning seven and walking none. He was charged with four hits and three runs.
Gant has made one career start against Cleveland, lasting two innings in a 2016 game for the Braves and permitting one run and three hits with two strikeouts.

Carlos Martinez (3-4, 3.24) starts Tuesday night for St. Louis opposite Corey Kluber (11-3, 2.10). Jack Flaherty (3-2, 2.50) faces the Indians’ Shane Bieber (2-0, 2.45) in a battle of rookie right-handers on Wednesday night.

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Cindy Crawford is heading back to the Super Bowl: The model has recreated her iconic 1992 Super Bowl ad for Pepsi [url=]Albert Wilson Color Rush Jersey[/url] , now featuring her 18-year-old son.

Crawford recently filmed the commercial, which will debut at Super Bowl 52 on Feb. 4. It includes her son, Presley Walker Gerber, as well as footage from Michael Jackson’s memorable Pepsi commercial.

The 51-year-old said she didn’t hesitate to recreate the ad 26 years later, especially since she was able to work with her son.

”Just as a mother, we drove to work together that day and we shared the same trailer. And when he was doing his thing, I was just a proud mom watching from the sidelines, trying not to annoy him,” she said in a phone interview Wednesday.

The new Super Bowl ad, dubbed ”This Is The Pepsi,” is part of the company’s ”Pepsi Generation” campaign honoring the brand’s 120-year history in pop culture.

The original features Crawford in a tank top and jean shorts – made from her own jeans she brought to the set that day – driving a Lamborghini and stopping at a gas station to buy a can of soda. She said she felt the 1992 spot ”became such a classic for so many reasons.”

”It was one of those moments in my career that when I walked down the street, people were like, `Pepsi!’ Or I’d be at a bar and people would send me over a Pepsi,” she said, laughing. ”And it’s funny because during Halloween a lot of women will dress up as me in that commercial. It’s like an easy Halloween costume.”

Crawford plans to attend the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, where her father lives.

”I think probably that will be the highlight for me is just getting to see my dad,” she said. ”I took him to a Super Bowl before I had kids … and it’s not like he ever wanted to go to an awards show or something like that, but if I can take him to the Super Bowl, that’s a pretty cool thing for me to be able to do with my dad.”

Crawford’s modeling talents have not only extended to her son – her 16-year-old daughter graces the February cover of Vogue Paris.

”She’s more ready for it. She’s just so much more sophisticated and worldly than I was at that age,” she said of Kaia Jordan Gerber.

”I do know the business … (and) I feel like who better to help guide my kids?” she added.

”It kind of happened for both of them and they listen to my advice when it comes to this. The one thing they can’t say is [url=]Daniel Kilgore Color Rush Jersey[/url] , `Mom, you don’t get it.”’

It was unheard of not that long ago, but now it has become somewhat commonplace: pitchers by committee.

A manager begins a game not with a starting pitcher but a reliever — and with more relievers to follow.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon, certainly not a stranger to taking a risk, tried it Saturday with poor results against a suddenly hot team that’s not playing like a last-place club.

Don’t look for him to make the same mistake Sunday.

Maddon will run out one of his regular starters, right-hander Tyler Chatwood (3-5), at Great American Ball Park to try to avoid a four-game sweep by the Cincinnati Reds, who are playing nothing like the tail-ending team they’ve been all season.

The Reds mounted their second six-game win streak of the year — the first time they’ve done that since 2012 — by making quick work of the Cubs’ starter-by-committee plans Saturday during an 11-2 victory keyed by the pitching of right-hander Anthony DeSclafani.

And, remarkably, keyed by the hitting of DeSclafani, who hit the Reds’ seventh grand slam in 33 days and their third of the week, but the first by a Cincinnati pitcher since Bob Purkey against the Cubs on Aug. 1, 1959.

DeSclafani (3-1) posted his third win in a row while giving up two runs and three hits in 6 1/3 innings.

Cubs reliever-turned-starter Luke Farrell (2-3) was long gone by then, having been lifted with only a 2-1 deficit and two outs in the third inning. The Reds went on to score eight more runs against the Cubs’ bullpen — and catcher Chris Gimenez, who pitched the eighth inning.

DeSclafani’s shot came with two outs in the third inning against left-hander Brian Duensing, and it was a no-doubt drive well up into the left-field stands.

“All in all, I was trying to hit the ball hard somewhere and not strike out,” said DeSclafani, who came into the game with a .138 career batting average. “I knew a fastball was coming and I tried to square it up, and it happened to go out. … It was awesome. It all happened so quick.”

And slowly the Reds [url=]Josh Sitton Color Rush Jersey[/url] , once 8-27, are starting to play the way they expected when the season started. They’ve won nine of 11 and are 5-0 on their current six-game homestand.

“When you get down in the standings, it can be deflating,” said Reds interim manager Jim Riggleman, who replaced Bryan Price during the terrible start. “But they kept coming to the ballpark and working hard, and now we’re getting closer to respectability in the standings, though we’re not there yet.”

The Cubs’ domination of the Reds is disappearing, too – going into the series, they’d won 43 of 62 against them in the last four seasons — as quickly as DeSclafani’s homer reached the seats.

“We’re playing clean baseball — we’ve run the bases, made plays … are getting timely hits,” Riggleman said. “We have a nice string of well-played games.”

This probably isn’t encouraging to the Cubs’ faithful, either. Chatwood is 0-4 with a 4.18 ERA in five career appearances against the Reds. He has walked 63 batters in 68 1/3 innings this season.

Despite Chatwood’s lack of success against the Reds, only Joey Votto (2-for-10, .200) has double-digit at-bats against him.

Chatwood opposes right-hander Sal Romano (4-7), who is coming off his best start of the season — seven shutout innings against the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday. Romano gave up four hits and struck out six despite walking four in a 9-5 Reds victory in which the Tigers scored all of their runs in the ninth inning.

Romano’s last start against the Cubs wasn’t a good one. He surrendered seven runs and six hits in five innings of a 10-0 Chicago victory on May 19. He is 0-1 against them in two career games.

Maddon gave Kris Bryant the day off Saturday after he went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts in the Reds’ 6-3 win Friday as he tries to get some of the slumping hitters going. Bryant is likely to be in the lineup Sunday against Romano.

“We’ve got to get (Willson) Contreras going, we’ve got to get KB (Bryant) and (Anthony Rizzo) going,” Maddon said. “I mean, these were our primary offensive weapons last year, and they really haven’t hit their stride yet.”

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Strikeouts exceeded hits in the major leagues for the second time in three months [url=]Chad Thomas Color Rush Jersey[/url] , a deviation that had never occurred before this year.

There were 6,776 strikeouts and 6,640 hits in June, the Elias Sports Bureau said Sunday. That leaves the season totals at 21,090 strikeouts and 20,671 hits about halfway through the season.

Strikeouts had topped hits in a full month for the first time in April, when then there were 6,656 strikeouts and 6,360 hits. The previous low differential was in April 2017, when there were 138 more hits than strikeouts.

There were 7,033 hits and 6 [url=]Antonio Callaway Color Rush Jersey[/url] ,971 strikeouts in May.

Strikeouts per game averaged 16.9 in June, up from 16.75 in May but down from 17.5 in April, which was a record for a full calendar month. Strikeouts have set a record for 10 consecutive seasons, and this year’s rate projects to 41,464. That would shatter last year’s mark of 40,104; the total was 32,884 in 2008.

There have been 2,822 home runs in 1,236 games, an average of 2.26. That represents a drop from 2.52 last year through June, when there were 3 [url=]Breeland Speaks Color Rush Jersey[/url] ,024 in 1,199 games.

The average climbed from 1.90 before the 2015 All-Star break to 2.17 in the second half that year, then rose to 2.31 in 2016 and a record 2.51 last season.

Thus far this season, 32 percent of 94,241 plate appearances ended without a batted ball in play: 21,090 strikeouts, 8,081 walks, 952 hit batters and 23 catcher’s interference calls.

The way Odubel Herrera is going, he might have to make an extra trip to Washington next month.

Herrera homered for the fifth straight game and finished with four hits, helping the Philadelphia Phillies rout the Nationals 12-2 on Friday night.

Herrera hit a tiebreaking two-run shot in the third for his 13th homer [url=]Derrick Nnadi Color Rush Jersey[/url] , matching the club record for consecutive games with a long ball. He has connected in six of his last seven overall.

The All-Star Game is at Nationals Park on July 17, and Herrera is putting together a solid case for a spot on the NL squad.

”I’m playing hard, giving my best, so if it happens it’ll be great,” he said via an interpreter. ”That’s what you work for.”

Herrera is hitting .472 (17 for 36) with six homers, 11 runs and 10 RBIs in his last eight games. His season batting average is up to .308.

”I don’t think there’s any words for it. I mean it’s simply incredible what he can do,” Phillies pitcher Zach Eflin said.

”The thing with Odubel is that he can shake off anything at any given time. … It can look like he’s struggling and then next pitch he hits it 440 feet.”

Carlos Santana homered and drove in four runs for Philadelphia. Andrew Knapp also connected and Nick Williams drove in three runs.

The Phillies had 15 hits in their fifth win in six games. They also moved ahead of Washington for second place in the NL East behind Atlanta.

”To me, today was the first game where we really got blown out. That was a blowout right there,” Nationals manager Dave Martinez said. ”We’ve just got to keep our heads up, guys go home and rest, come back tomorrow and do it again.”

Eflin (5-2) allowed baserunners in every inning except the first but limited the damage to two runs over five innings in his fourth straight win.

Washington’s Tanner Roark (3-8) gave up six runs in 4 1/3 innings [url=]Dorian O'Daniel Color Rush Jersey[/url] , and the Nationals needed four relievers to finish the game.

”The last two starts I’ve left the bullpen out to dry,” Roark said, ”and I’m just not happy about it.”

The Nationals have dropped eight of 11, including the completion of a suspended game. They are in third place this late in the season for the first time since 2013.

Michael A. Taylor extended his hitting streak to 13 games and drove in Washington’s first run when he capped an 11-pitch at-bat with a double in the second.


On Friday afternoon the Nationals tweeted: ”tfw Bryce announces he’ll do the (at)MLB HR Derby if he makes the NL All-Star team…” accompanied by a GIF of Harper celebrating in the dugout.


Chase Utley (twice in 2008), Bobby Abreu (2005), Mike Schmidt (1979) and Dick Allen (1969) also homered in five straight games for the Phillies. Ken Griffey, Jr. (1993), Don Mattingly (1987) and Dale Long (1956) share the major league record with homers in eight consecutive games.


Phillies: RHP Jerad Eickhoff (right lat strain) threw his curveball off flat ground and will throw the pitch again during a bullpen session on Saturday. . RHP Pat Neshek (right shoulder strain) will begin a rehab assignment at Class A Clearwater on Saturday. … RHP Luis Garcia (right wrist strain) played catch on flat ground Friday.

Nationals: RHP Stephen Strasburg (right shoulder inflammation) played catch on flat ground for the second time this week Friday. … RHP Jeremy Hellickson (right hamstring strain) will make a rehab start for Class A Potomac on Sunday.


Philadelphia RHP Aaron Nola (8-2, 2.55 ERA) opposes RHP Erick Fedde (0-2, 5.63 ERA). Nola (seventh overall) and Fedde (18th overall) were both selected in the first round of the 2014 draft.

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Max Fried was so good that he didn’t even need all the support Nick Markakis and the Braves provided for his first win of the season.

Markakis hit a grand slam [url=]Authentic Durham Smythe Jersey[/url] , Fried took a shutout into the seventh inning and Atlanta beat the St. Louis Cardinals 11-4 on Saturday night.

”You’ve got to give all the credit to Max,” Markakis said. ”He went out and pitched one of the better games I’ve seen. For him, two runs early on was enough for him. It was nice to get some runs and give him a nice cushion there.”

The Braves have won the first two games of the three-game set. The Cardinals have dropped three in a row.

Fried (1-2) stymied the Cardinals on 101 pitches before being pulled with two outs in the seventh. Recalled from Triple-A Gwinnett to start the game, he struck out 11, allowed four singles and walked three.

”My curveball was definitely on tonight,” said Fried, who also recorded his first major league hit with a single in the fifth. ”I was able to throw it for strikes, put it in the dirt when I wanted to. The big thing for me was getting the fastball over. I felt like I was able to get strike one pretty good. That was my main goal.”

Luke Weaver (4-7) went 4 2/3 innings, giving up 10 runs on eight hits, walking two and striking out five. He gave up homers to Markakis in his final inning and a two-run shot to Ronald Acuna Jr. in the second.

”At the end of the day, I was just done on a couple big swings,” Weaver said. ”I thought I threw some pitches in good spots, but it’s got to be executed a little bit better and you’ve just got to flush these types of days.”

The Braves sent 11 players to the plate in the six-run fifth. After Ozzie Albies doubled in Fried, the Cardinals intentionally walked Freddie Freeman to face Markakis. The right fielder hit his ninth homer of the season and fourth career grand slam off a 3-2 pitch.

”To be honest with you, I was just looking to hit something into the outfield and get a run in, and I ended up one of the better at-bats in the season,” Markakis said. ”I looked back at the video and (the pitch) wasn’t exactly where he wanted it, but he threw it somewhere close to the zone and I put a good swing on it.”

He added a sacrifice fly in the sixth to bring in Albies [url=]Authentic Jason Sanders Jersey[/url] , finishing with five RBI on the day.

Albies went 3 for 5 and has a 10-game hit streak, batting .467 (21 for 47) during that span.

The Cardinals scored all of their runs in the ninth off Matt Wisler, including a leadoff home run from Jose Martinez.


Cardinals C Yadier Molina played in his 1,800th game, joining Hall of Famers Stan Musial, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith and Enos Slaughter as Cardinals to play in at least that many. Molina entered the majors in 2004 and has spent his entire career with St. Louis. He ranks 12th among active players in games played.


To make room for Fried, the Braves designated OF Peter Bourjos for assignment. Bourjos, in his first year with the Braves, was batting .205 in 36 games. He also played for St. Louis in 2014 and 2015.


Braves: RHP Arodys Vizcaino (shoulder inflammation) is expected to come off the 10-day DL on Monday. The Braves closer threw a side session Saturday and is on target for his return to the team. … C Tyler Flowers, who left Friday’s game with a right hamstring cramp after flying out to end the sixth inning, didn’t start Saturday. The Braves said it was part of the regular rotation between Flowers and C Kurt Suzuki. The two have alternated starts for the past 16 games.

Cardinals: RHP Luke Gregerson (right shoulder impingement) is scheduled to begin a rehab stint at Triple A Memphis on Sunday. He has yet to appear with the minor league club since going on the 10-day DL on May 16.


Braves: RHP Mike Foltynewicz (5-4, 2.14) goes for his first win in a month. After tossing a 4-0 shutout against the Washington Nationals on June 1, he went 0-1 in his final three starts of the month. He failed to get past the fifth in any his final three June outings.

Cardinals: RHP John Gant (2-2, 3.48) is coming off his best start of the season, giving up one hit over seven innings as St. Louis beat the Cleveland Indians 4-0 on Monday. This is his first appearance against his former club since a 2016 trade that saw the Cardinals send starting pitcher Jaime Garcia to the Braves in exchange for three minor leaguers, including Gant.

General manager Tom Telesco believes the Los Angeles Chargers are starting to make themselves at home.

Telesco is thoroughly pleased by his team’s resilience during a tumultuous relocation season that began with a rocky 0-4 start, but ended with the Bolts (9-7) as one of the NFL’s best teams.

The executive wants the Chargers to take the momentum from their 9-3 finish into an offseason in which they can make further strides toward becoming an AFC power.

If they do it [url=]Cordy Glenn Color Rush Jersey[/url] , Telesco also believes the Chargers will start to see a true home-field advantage at their temporary stadium in Carson, where they won their final five games.

”I think the longer we’re here, the better we play, the better the atmosphere will be,” Telesco said Thursday. ”I think it’s a pretty neat place to watch a football game. But we’re the new kids on the block, and we’ve got to show what we are, show that we’re an exciting team to watch, get in the playoffs and get people excited, and there will be more and more Charger fans there.”

The Chargers definitely were exciting, but they weren’t quite a playoff team. They finished one game behind AFC West champion Kansas City, which beat Los Angeles twice. The Bolts then missed out on the AFC’s two wild-card spots in a four-way tiebreaker due to their mediocre conference record.

The Chargers’ 84-mile move up the California coast was just part of a busy year that began with the near-simultaneous announcement of the move and the hiring of coach Anthony Lynn, who received praise from Telesco for instilling ”a high level of grit and determination that we just lacked last year.”

Telesco echoed Lynn’s determination to keep his coaching staff intact aside from assistant offensive line coach James Cregg, who is headed to LSU. In particular, Telesco wants to keep coveted defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, who immediately put together a solid unit for a team that finished third in the NFL in points allowed.

Continuity is a major goal for the Chargers after the upheaval of the past year.

”We’ve come a long way in the last 12 months,” Telesco said at the Chargers’ training complex in Orange County. ”Think about where we were last year this time and where we are now. It’s been a lot of change and a lot of challenges, but we’re on the right pace. We’re going in the right direction.”

More things to know about the Chargers’ offseason:

FIND A FOOT: Telesco echoed Lynn’s desire to secure a solid kicker next season after the Chargers used five players at the position and made a league-low 68 percent of their field goal tries this year. The Chargers’ first two losses were decided by late missed field goal attempts, and it cost them dearly. ”Obviously our kicking game was not NFL-quality this year [url=]Preston Brown Color Rush Jersey[/url] ,” Telesco said. ”One of my biggest regrets this year (is) I did not do a good enough job addressing that position. I put our head coach, Anthony, in a tough position as far as managing the football game. I’m very confident we’ll be able to get that fixed.” Telesco didn’t say whether he plans to pursue a tested veteran kicker.

OPEN GATES: Telesco praised 37-year-old tight end Antonio Gates as ”one of the greatest Chargers of all-time,” but didn’t unequivocally commit to bringing him back. Gates is a free agent after setting the NFL record for TD catches by a tight end early this season. After serving largely as a backup to Hunter Henry, Gates played extensively the last two games and determined that he wants to keep playing in 2018. ”I don’t have any answers right now moving forward, but we’ll get there,” Telesco said of Gates’ future.

GOT GOALS: Telesco pointed out that the Chargers were successful in two main points of emphasis this season: Cutting down turnovers and protecting Rivers. Los Angeles finished third in the league with a plus-12 turnover ratio after finishing 27th last season with a minus-7, and the Chargers allowed an NFL-low 18 sacks after yielding 36 last season.

RIVERS’ HEIR: The Chargers don’t have a firm timeline for finding a successor to the 36-year-old Rivers, the only quarterback to start a game for the club since the 2006 season opener. After Rivers’ excellent 4,515-yard season, Telesco confirmed that the Chargers ”hope he’ll be around for a good amount of years,” and they aren’t headed into the offseason determined to draft a quarterback. ”He played really well for us this year, and I expect him to come back and do the same thing next year,” Telesco added.

STACKED BACK: The Chargers expect former Pro Bowl cornerback Jason Verrett to return at full strength after missing all but five games in the past two seasons with knee injuries. Telesco wants Verrett, fellow cornerback Trevor Williams, current Pro Bowler Casey Hayward and versatile defensive back Desmond King all back on a defense that was the NFL’s third-best against the pass this season, yielding just 197.2 yards per game.


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Justin Smoak isn’t a fan of extra innings Authentic Justin Jones Jersey , so he was doubly happy about his game-winning homer against the slumping Detroit Tigers.

Smoak led off the bottom of the ninth with a home run and the Toronto Blue Jays beat Detroit 4-3 on Saturday, handing the Tigers their 11th straight loss.
”Honestly, nobody wants to play extra innings,” Smoak said. ”To be able to do it in the ninth and get it over with is always a good feeling.”
This is Detroit’s longest losing streak since an 11-game skid in August 2003, the year the Tigers lost 119 times. The Tigers last lost 12 straight in 1996.
Three of Detroit’s 11 defeats, including the past two, have been one-run losses. The Tigers are 13-13 in one-run decisions.
”There’s things we can do better but we’re not playing bad,” Tigers starter Matt Boyd said. ”It may seem dire, but it’s not. We’re close to where we want to be and we’re going to come out on the other end of this.”
Smoak connected against reliever Joe Jimenez (3-1) for his 11th homer of the season. It was the second walk-off drive of his career, with the other coming in 2016 against Texas.
Smoak, who hit a two-run homer in Friday’s 3-2 win, has gone deep in back-to-back games for the first time this season.
”I’m just trying to be aggressive and it’s been better as of late,” he said.
Seunghwan Oh (4-2) worked one inning for the win. Randal Grichuk also homered for the Blue Jays, who have won 10 of 11 at home.
John Hicks hit a solo homer in the Detroit second off Sam Gaviglio and Nick Castellanos made it 3-0 with a two-run shot in the third, his 12th.
Boyd held the Blue Jays hitless until Kevin Pillar’s leadoff double in the fifth. Pillar moved to third on a one-out single by Aledmys Diaz and scored on a groundout by Devon Travis before Grichuk hit his tying homer.
”He was leaving the ball up just a little too much where they could get the bat head to it,” Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire said.
Boyd allowed three runs and four hits in six innings. He walked two and struck out seven.
”I made a few mistakes today and one of them went over the fence,” Boyd said.
Gaviglio gave up three runs and four hits in seven innings, matching his longest outing of the season.
Leonys Martin and Castellanos hit consecutive singles off Joe Biagini in the eighth but the Blue Jays right-hander retired the next three batters in order.
”We had runners in position a couple of times,” Gardenhire said. ”We just didn’t come up with the big one.”
Martin helped preserve the 3-3 tie in the bottom of the eighth by throwing out Travis at home plate. Travis was trying to score from second on Yangervis Solarte’s single to center Authentic Kyzir White Jersey , but couldn’t beat Martin’s one-hop throw. The assist was Martin’s ninth, tying him with Seattle’s Mitch Haniger for the AL lead.
With a heat alert in place for Toronto, the retractable roof at Rogers Centre was kept closed. The outdoor temperature was 88 degrees, with high humidity making it feel like 106.
Detroit has lost 12 of 14 in Toronto.
Blue Jays C Luke Maile threw out two runners attempting to steal, both at second base. Maile threw out Jeimer Candelario in the first and Grayson Greiner in the seventh.
Tigers: RHP Alex Wilson had to leave in the eighth because of a sore left calf. Wilson missed almost a month earlier this season because of a strain in his left foot. … RHP Drew VerHagen (nasal fracture) will join Triple A Toledo Saturday night to begin an injury rehabilitation assignment. VerHagen has been out since June 20.
Blue Jays: Toronto put RHP Ryan Tepera (elbow) on the 10-day disabled list and recalled RHP Jake Petricka from Triple-A Buffalo.
Tigers RHP Jordan Zimmermann (2-0, 4.35) faces Blue Jays LHP J.A. Happ (10-3, 3.62) on Canada Day in Toronto. Zimmermann allowed seven runs in his previous start against Toronto on June 8, 2016. Happ has won six straight decisions and is unbeaten in eight outings.
Something about the big moments brings out the best in Mitch Haniger.
His two-run home run in the ninth on Wednesday, after a stellar defensive play in the top of the inning, gave the Seattle Mariners an 8-6 victory and sweep of the three-game series over the Los Angeles Angels.
”We have such a powerful lineup,” Haniger said. ”On any given night it can be somebody else and that’s kind of the vibe. There’s no panic.”
Haniger, who has 16 home runs this season and 52 RBIs, has an MLB-best 11 game-winning hits – including his second game-ending homer on Wednesday.
After Jean Segura singled to center off reliever Oliver Drake (0-1), Haniger sent a pitch over the left-field wall off to end it.
Nelson Cruz and Ryon Healy also homered for Seattle, and Healy’s upper-deck shot in the eighth inning tied the game at 6-6. Cruz hit a two-run homer in the second inning, his fourth in his last five games and 16th of the season.
The home run by Haniger, who was 2-for-5 and scored two runs, was his second big play of the ninth inning. He also made an outstanding defensive play in right field for the second consecutive game.
With one out and a runner at first, Martin Maldonado hit fly ball to deep right that was tailing away from Haniger. However Authentic Kalen Ballage Jersey , he raced to make the catch before throwing it on the fly to Healy in the infield. Healy ran to first to double off Jabari Blash, who was pinch running for Albert Pujols.
The Mariners have won six of their last seven games and 11 of their last 13. Roenis Elias (2-0) earned the win with two scoreless innings of relief, and Seattle starter Marco Gonzales allowed seven hits and three runs in five innings.
Wednesday’s game had plenty of drama – including two times when the game was tied and two lead changes.
”I don’t know where to start with this game,” said Seattle manager Scott Servais. ”It had a little bit of everything in it.”
Seattle built a 4-1 lead in the third inning and led 4-3 before the Angels came back to tie it in sixth inning on a sacrifice fly by Luis Valbuena. Home runs by Nolan Fontana and Chris Young gave the Angels a 6-4 lead in the seventh.
The Angels had won six consecutive games before coming to Seattle.
”It says a lot the way our guys came back,” Los Angeles manager Mike Scioscia said. ”But unfortunately it was one of those days when our bullpen was stretched a bit after having to use them a lot, and we couldn’t get it done at the end.”
Angels starting pitcher Garrett Richards left the game after two innings because of tightness in his left hamstring. Shortstop Zack Cozart left the game in the fourth inning because of a left shoulder strain.
Seattle third baseman Kyle Seager was a late scratch from the starting lineup Wednesday, but he is not injured. Mariners officials said it was a personal issue, and Andrew Romine started at third in his place.
Before the season started, Servais said he would get a haircut just like Edwin Diaz if the closer reached 50 saves this season. Diaz, who has a Z-like symbol shaved into the left side of his head, already has an MLB-best 25 saves this season and is on pace to reach 55 saves. ”I’m aware,” Servais said. ”I’m already talking to barbers. I’m OK with that.”
Angels: OF Kole Calhoun (oblique strain) started a rehab assignment at Triple-A Salt Lake on Wednesday.
Mariners: RHP Nick Vincent (groin strain) and RHP Juan Nicasio (knee swelling) both are expected to throw in the bullpen Friday on Saturday. Servais said he hopes both relievers can come of the 10-day DL by the middle up the upcoming 10-day road trip that starts in New York against the Yankees on June 19.
Angels: LHP Tyler Skaggs (5-4, 3.08) tries to continue his June hot streak when the Angels play the Athletics on Friday in Oakland. Skaggs is 2-0 with a 0.69 ERA in his previous two starts this month. Trevor Cahill (1-2, 2.27) is expected to start for Oakland.
Mariners: Felix Hernandez (6-5, 5.70) is on the mound to start a four-game home series against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday. Hernandez is coming off his shortest outing of the season when he took the loss at Tampa Bay, allowing five earned runs on seven hits in the 7-3 loss. David Price (7-4, 4.00) is the expected starter for Boston.

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Yangervis Solarte provided power from both sides of the plate to help the Toronto Blue Jays end a record stretch of futility against left-handed pitchers.

Solarte hit two home runs Authentic Ronnie Harrison Jersey , Devon Travis also connected and the Blue Jays beat the Washington Nationals 6-5 on Friday night, their fifth straight home victory.
Washington has lost five of seven on the road.
Justin Smoak broke a 3-3 tie with a sacrifice fly in the seventh inning and Solarte, batting left-handed, followed with a two-run shot off right-hander Justin Miller. Solarte was batting right-handed when he homered in Toronto’s three-run third, a solo blast off left-hander Gio Gonzalez (6-3).
”I was lucky enough that I had good opportunities and we took advantage of it,” Solarte said.
The victory snapped Toronto’s team-worst 11-game losing streak against lefty starting pitchers.
”We’re better than that,” Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. ”That shouldn’t happen like that.”
Solarte is the ninth player in Blue Jays history to homer from both sides of the plate. The last to do it was Kendrys Morales against Oakland on July 27, 2017. The homers were Solarte’s 13th and 14th of the season, extending his team lead and coming a year after his career high of 18.
It’s the second time Solarte has achieved the feat, having done it also against Arizona on May 27, 2016 while with the San Diego Padres.
”It’s hard but it’s my job,” Solarte said.
Travis hit a two-run home run in the third, his third.
Seunghwan Oh (2-2) pitched one inning for the win and Ryan Tepera stranded the potential tying run at third base in the ninth to earn his fourth save in seven opportunities.
Wilmer Difo hit a leadoff single in the ninth, then stole second and advanced on a fly ball. Tepera escaped by getting Adam Eaton to ground out and striking out Trea Turner.
Gonzalez allowed season-worsts of five runs and nine hits in six-plus innings. The left-hander has allowed four or more earned runs in consecutive outings.
Travis singled to begin the seventh and Teoscar Hernandez followed with a fly ball that right fielder Eaton lost in the twilight.
”I had it off the bat but as soon as it goes up, it’s a pretty helpless feeling,” Eaton said.
After the ball dropped for a ground-rule double, Miller came on and surrendered Smoak’s sacrifice fly and Solarte’s two-run blast.
”We had one fly ball that we didn’t see that kind of changed things real quick,” Washington manager Dave Martinez said.
The homer was the first earned run allowed by Miller in nine appearances this season.
”I was trying to throw a fastball away and it just kind of cut on me,” Miller said. ”Hats off to him, he hit a good pitch.”
Aaron Sanchez allowed three runs and six hits in six innings for Toronto.
The Blue Jays have hit an ML-leading six home runs on 3-0 counts this season. No other team had more than two entering play Friday.
Washington’s Daniel Murphy singled in the eighth, snapping a 0-for-10 stretch since he returned from right knee surgery Tuesday.
Nationals: 1B Matt Adams took a pitch off his left hand while squaring to bunt in the second. Mark Reynolds replaced Adams on defense an inning later. ”I knew from the get-go it was bad,” Adams said. He is day to day. Murphy will DH against the Blue Jays this weekend and return to the infield Monday when Washington returns home to face the Yankees.
Blue Jays: One week after he became eligible to be activated off the disabled list, 3B Josh Donaldson (left calf) has yet to run at full speed. Donaldson may play at least one minor league rehab game with Triple-A Buffalo before rejoining the Blue Jays. … RHP Marcus Stroman (shoulder) will make a second rehab start Monday, this time at Double-A New Hampshire. Stroman pitched 4 1/3 innings at Class-A Dunedin Wednesday. … OF Steve Pearce (oblique) will begin a rehab assignment at Buffalo Saturday. Pearce has not played since May 3. … RHP Deck McGuire was claimed off waivers by the Texas Rangers.
Nationals RHP Max Scherzer (10-2 Authentic Logan Cooke Jersey , 2.00) faces Blue Jays RHP Marco Estrads (3-6, 5.09). Scherzer is 4-1 with a 2.15 ERA in eight career starts against Toronto. His June 10 loss against San Francisco snapped a streak of nine straight winning decisions. Estrada beat Baltimore on June 10, ending an eight-start winless stretch.
After a slow start, Giancarlo Stanton has been on a roll for the Yankees.
But he also said there’s another gear he can kick into, too.
Stanton hit a three-run homer, CC Sabathia pitched six effective innings, and the Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves 6-2 on Wednesday.
Rookie second baseman Gleyber Torres left the game in the top of the fifth inning because of tightness in his right hip and afterward was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a right hip strain.
”We’re hoping it’s a short stint. But we think we’ve got to deal with it this time because there is a small strain there,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said outside the home clubhouse after the game.
”Hopefully it won’t be something that it’s too long. Probably take us up to the All-Star break.”
After struggling in his first two months of his debut season in the Bronx, including three games at the end of March, Stanton managed just 11 homers and hit .245.
He settled in and improved in June with eight homers and a .298 average.
”Yeah I can always get better. So yeah, I got to put it together but there’s some balls that I’ve hit hard that could have been in the air, been better,” said Stanton, who’s 6 for 18 (.333) with two home runs and five RBIs through the first four games of July.
”But that’s talking millimeters of (a) difference here. But in terms of in the box, I feel very close.”
Aaron Judge added his 24th homer of the season in the seventh inning. He’s now homered in three of his past four games.
Catcher Kyle Higashioka also homered for the Yankees, becoming the ninth player since 1920 whose first three hits were home runs. Colorado’s Trevor Story homered for his first four big league hits on April 4-6, 2016.
The 28-year-old, who’s spent most of his first 10 professional seasons in the minors, except for a nine-game hitless stint last season, was surprised at what he’s been able to accomplish since his promotion June 25.
”I wouldn’t have thought that my first three hits in the major leagues would be homers, but the most important thing here is winning,” Higashioka said.
Sabathia (6-3) followed his impressive showing last Friday against Boston, the team with the best record in baseball, working out of a couple of jams for the Yankees Authentic Armani Watts Jersey , who have won six of their past eight after getting swept in three games at Tampa.
National League East-leading Atlanta loaded the bases with two outs in the first, but the 37-year-old struck out 20-year-old phenom Ronald Acuna Jr. on an 88 mph cutter.
”That’s a good lineup. They have a very good team, some good hitters,” Sabathia said. ”Even when I felt I was in control I still had to make pitches. They made me work today.”
The Braves have lost their past two games.
New York took a 1-0 lead in the second inning on Greg Bird’s RBI single off Atlanta starter Julio Teheran (6-6), who lasted just five innings, allowing five hits and five runs. He walked four and struck out 10.
The Yankees got to Teheran again in the third.
With a runner on first and two outs, Aaron Hicks walked. Stanton then fell behind 0-2 before hitting a line drive to the right field bleachers for his 21st homer of the season to make it 4-0.
After retiring the first two batters in the fourth, Teheran fell behind 2-0 against Higashioka before the rookie connected to the left field stands, extending the lead to 5-0.
”You can’t make mistakes to this team,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said. ”The way that ball flies around in right center and over, it’s just dangerous. That’s why they are who they are. In spurts, he threw the ball really well.”
The Braves cut the deficit to 5-1 on an RBI grounder from Danny Santana with one out in the fifth. Johan Camargo hit his ninth home run of the season with two outs in the sixth that made it 5-2. But Sabathia limited the damage by retiring Dansby Swanson on a grounder to second with a runner aboard.
Atlanta failed to take advantage in the seventh inning against reliever Chad Green when its first two batters reached on a pair of singles. Green then got three fly outs to end the threat.
With New York set to play 11 games in 10 days, beginning Friday at Toronto, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he wanted to be ”greedy” with Thursday being their only day off, and held Austin Romine out of the starting lineup for the fourth consecutive day. Higashioka started for the fourth straight time behind the plate.
The Yankees have been short-handed at catcher since Romine left the game on June 29 against Boston in the seventh inning because of a tight left hamstring. Gary Sanchez has been on the 10-day disabled list since June 25 because of a strained right groin.
Braves: 1B Freddie Freeman, who was hit by a pitch in the third inning, left the game after the fourth because of a contusion in his right upper arm. He expects to be back in the lineup Thursday in Milwaukee.
”I tried to go down in the cage and swing and pretty much topped the ball off the tee,” Freeman said. ”I couldn’t really extend the arm going through the zone. I had no strength. It just kind of swelled up and it looks like a baseball on my tricep right now.”

LHP Luiz Gohara, the No. 3 prospect in the Atlanta organization, arrived about 90 minutes before the first pitch after he was called up from Triple-A Gwinnett for the second time this season. RHP Evan Phillips, who threw 2 1/3 innings Tuesday night, was sent down to Trip

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After years of planning and many millions in spending Authentic Da'Shawn Hand Jersey , there was one thing organizers of Super Bowl 52 couldn’t control – a Minnesota winter.

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots played inside. But as fans were heading to U.S. Bank Stadium at noon Sunday, the temperature in Minneapolis was minus-2 degrees, with a wind chill of negative 23 – by far the coldest Super Bowl on record – raising questions about whether the NFL’s marquee event would ever return to Minnesota.
While warmer climates tend to be more popular host cities, a flashy new stadium and amenities often play a bigger role than the weather in determining who will host the big game.
”The owners will do as they like. So that’s one of those decisions that’s just not up to the fan base,” said Mark Cobb, who has been to several Super Bowls in his work for the NFL Players Association. ”Wherever has the newest, prettiest stadium, that’s who gets the game.”
Cobb, of Washington, said everyone in Minnesota was nice, and he’d return to Minneapolis for a Super Bowl. But he said the weather felt ”like I was being punished. Minnesota is where they send you when you’re bad. But if you embrace it like the people who live here, instead of fighting it, it’s not so bad.”
The NFL has used the Super Bowl as a reward for municipalities that pump public money into new venues. Minnesota was awarded the game in 2014, two years after state lawmakers approved a financing package that had taxpayers paying nearly half the cost of the $1.1 billion stadium.
Other northern cities have reaped similar benefits. New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium got a Super Bowl in its fourth season, the only outdoor Super Bowl at a northern site to date (2014). Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis hosted in 2012 and Ford Field in Detroit hosted in 2006, both at the end of their fourth seasons. The only other Super Bowls held in the north were in suburban Detroit at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1982 and in Minneapolis at the Metrodome in 1992.
While warmer climates have held more Super Bowls, there is no rotation of pre-selected cities that get picked Authentic JK Scott Jersey , NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said. He said it’s up to club owners to take the initial step of expressing an interest in hosting. The sites of the next four Super Bowls are already chosen: Atlanta in 2019, followed by South Florida, Tampa Bay and Los Angeles.
Atlanta has a stadium that opened in 2017. Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa have been renovated in the past three years, and Los Angeles will have a new stadium by the time it hosts the game.
McCarthy said the weather in Minneapolis wasn’t a negative. Instead, he said it provided new experiences for fans, some of whom took advantage of the Minneapolis skyway system, a collection of enclosed – and heated – pedestrian bridges.
”We knew weather was going to be a factor and we embraced it,” he said.
Andrea Mokros, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee, said the event was a ”huge success.” Visitor numbers were still being calculated, but Mokros said outdoor concerts and other events were well attended, even on the coldest nights during 10 days of festivities.
”The cold didn’t slow anyone down and in fact made it a more memorable experience,” she said. Mokros said the winter climate allowed the host committee to offer a different sort of fun for guests, such as snowmobiling or skijoring (cross-country skiing while being pulled by a dog). And she said she felt some pride when she saw celebrities donning winter hats and embracing the cold weather.
Paul Vaaler, a professor of management and law at the University of Minnesota law school and the Carlson School of Management, said while warmer tourist destinations are more likely to get Super Bowls, there is some strategy to spreading the game to different franchises: The promise of a Super Bowl can lead cities to build new stadiums and keep teams from leaving certain markets.
Because of that Authentic Oren Burks Jersey , he said, other northern cities are likely to host the Super Bowl before Minnesota gets another chance.
”That incentive to build a stadium and attract the Super Bowl is gone (for Minnesota), but it’s not gone in a place like Cincinnati, or a place like Denver” or other northern NFL cities that have stadiums that are more than 20 years old. ”For other northern climates, there will be pressure.”
Some fans said the weather was tolerable and there were plenty of experiences in Minneapolis to keep them entertained. Others said that even though Minnesotans were hospitable, they’d prefer a warmer location.
”The cold was just brutal,” said Philadelphia Eagles fan Terry Laufer of Carrollton, Virginia. His wife, Rhonda, said: ”I would never be able to bring children here. It would be too risky.” The pair said they’d return with their grandkids in September, when it’s warmer.
”You could have had the Arctic Circle and it would have been a great experience,” said Jody Haggerty of Milford, Pennsylvania. ”Minneapolis made it work. … It’s not about the location. It’s about the experience, the atmosphere and the game.”
Associated Press writer Steve Karnowski contributed to this report.
MILWAUKEE — A little more than five years after he received a $500 bonus after signing as a non-drafted free agent out of Baylor University, Nate Orf is finally in the big leagues.
The Milwaukee Brewers selected Orf’s contract Monday from Triple-A Colorado Springs, where he was batting .307 with six home runs and 38 RBIs. Those numbers landed him a spot in the Pacific Coast League’s All-Star team but also fueled a social media movement — #FreeNateOrf — amongst Brewers fans wanting the 28-year-old to get his shot.
“This is the day you put all the work in for,” Orf said. “I signed for $500. This is why I signed for $500 Authentic Marquez Valdes-Scantling Jersey , to grind out as long as I needed to have this day come.””
Orf made his debut Monday night in Milwaukee’s 6-5 victory over the Twins and will likely be in the lineup against Tuesday afternoon as the Brewers continue their three-game holiday series at Miller Park.
“He’s a good player. He’s a very good hitter,” manager Craig Counsell said. “He has earned this.”
The Brewers are hoping Orf can provide a spark at a position that’s been an offensive liability all season. Though Jonathan Villar has shown improvement after a dismal 2017 campaign, Brewers’ second basemen are seventh in the NL with a .676 OPS this season, ninth with a .252 average and .299 on-base percentage.
Orf will also see time at shortstop, where Orlando Arcia had struggled to get into a rhythm since opening day and was demoted to Triple-A for the second time this season over the weekend.
“I still firmly believe that Orlando Arcia is going to be a very, very good player in this league for a long time,” general manager David Stearns said. “We have continued to see the defensive contributions he makes on a daily basis but we need to do better offensively.
“At this stage of the year, Orlando was not the type of offensive player we needed. I think we all bear some responsibility for that. As an organization, we need to help Orlando get through this.”
Looking to snap a three-game losing streak, the Brewers will turn to Junior Guerra on Tuesday. The right-hander won for the first time since May 14 his last time out despite allowing four runs over six innings against the Reds.
He struck out six in that outing and has 20 over his last three starts.
Right-hander Jake Odorizzi takes the mound for Minnesota hoping to build some momentum after getting back on track with six shutout innings of the White Sox in his last outing.
Odorizzi had a 3.34 ERA and was averaging nearly a strikeout per inning over his first 11 starts but stumbled mightily at the end of May, kick off a five-stark skid that saw him post a 9.74 ERA over the five stars leading up to his appearance in Chicago.
Extra work in the video room revealed a slight flaw in his delivery and during a bullpen session ahead of his last start, he worked on getting back to his normal mechanics.
“Pitching through a (back) injury last year created bad habits,” Odorizzi told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “It you do it for long enough, it creates an even worse habit, even when you’re healthy. Muscle memory takes over.”
Tuesday will mark Odorizzi’s third career start against the team that selected him in the first round (32nds overall) of the 2008 MLB Draft but the first time he’ll pitch at Miller Park.

He’s 1-0 with a 1.42 ERA in his two previous starts against Milwaukee and held the Brewers to a run on five hits and a pair of walks while striking out 10 back on May 20, but did not factor into the decision.

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What the Detroit Tigers were hoping would be a very big week in Ohio is off to a very slow start.

With the surprising Tigers’ biggest series of the season coming up this weekend Stephen Hauschka Jersey , they’re not getting much time to turn things around.
The Tigers brought a five-game winning streak and plenty of confidence into a week that’s beginning with two games against the last-place Reds in Cincinnati and ending with three against the first-place Indians in Cleveland. They started out the week 2 1/2 games behind the Indians in the AL Central, and were talking openly of leaving Cleveland with the division lead on Sunday night.
But they’re now four games back following the Indians’ home-field wins over the Chicago White Sox on successive nights and the Tigers’ 9-5 loss to the Reds on Tuesday night. The Tigers let their game get away from them in a hurry after Joey Votto hit a grand slam in the third inning off Detroit starter Matthew Boyd (4-5).
The Tigers put up the kind of late-inning outburst that often wins games — a five-run ninth inning, against Reds reliever Wandy Peralta — but the trouble was they were down 9-0 when the inning began. Reds starter Sal Romano (4-7) shut them out on four hits over seven innings and now has allowed only one run over 15 innings in his last two starts.
“This wasn’t a good game for us,” Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire said. “The other guy was throwing the ball well. … It wasn’t one of our better nights. You walk a few people (six), give up a few hits and (have) some long innings, and there you have it.”
Now, the Tigers don’t have much time to bounce back as they face an afternoon game Wednesday in Great American Ball Park, with right-hander Michael Fulmer (3-5, 4.13 ERA) going up against the Reds’ best pitcher of late in Tyler Mahle (5-6, 3.96). The Reds right-hander has permitted only two earned runs over 16 1/3 innings in his last three starts.
“Detroit, you look at their record, they’re getting after it every night,” said Reds interim manager Jim Riggleman, whose team has won five of seven. “Ron Gardenhire’s got them playing hard and you’d better play the whole nine. They’re going to come after you.”
Neither pitcher in Wednesday’s game has faced the opposing team before.
Boyd hadn’t seen the Reds before, either, but Cincinnati made quick work of him, chasing him after getting five runs, six hits and three walks off him while he labored through four innings, throwing 80 pitches .
Some of the Reds’ low-average hitters did the most damage against Boyd and a Tigers bullpen that was almost flawless during the winning streak. Billy Hamilton, batting .203, went 2-for-4 with a home run and Adam Duvall, batting .196 Rod Brind'Amour Jersey , was 3-for-4. Tucker Barnhart also was 3-for-3 as the Reds collected 13 hits.
Detroit wasted a big night at the plate by leadoff hitter Leonys Martin, who went 3-for-3 with a double and walked twice while reaching base five times.
Mahle got off to a rough start this season, losing six of his first nine decisions, but he pitched 6 1/3 shutout innings against the Kansas City Royals in a 7-0 win last Wednesday and five shutout innings against the San Diego Padres on June 1. In between, he gave up two runs to the Rockies in five innings on June 7.
“It’s nice to put a couple (of no-run outings) close together like that,” Mahle told reporters after beating the Royals. “I was able to put some zeros up there and our team is always going to be able to score at some point.”
Fulmer is coming off a strong start, beating the Minnesota Twins 3-1 on Thursday while giving up only one run on five hits over seven innings. The win was Fulmer’s first at Comerica Park in nearly a year, or since July 15.
Jackie Bradley Jr. drove in two runs, Eduardo Rodriguez struck out six in six innings and the Boston Red Sox beat the Washington Nationals 3-0 on Wednesday to complete a three-game sweep.
Rodriguez (10-3) allowed three hits and walked one. Craig Kimbrel worked the ninth for his 26th save in 28 chances, finishing a six-hitter.
The Nationals (42-43) have lost five in a row to fall below .500 this late in the season for the first time since being 60-61 on Aug. 21, 2015. The preseason NL East favorites held a players-only meeting after the game.
A throwing error by Adam Eaton on Bradley’s sacrifice fly and a wild pitch by Ryan Madson (2-4) in the seventh inning contributed to Washington’s 17th loss in 22 games.
Nationals starter Erick Fedde left one batter into the second inning with right shoulder stiffness. Manager Davey Martinez said Fedde was scheduled to have an MRI.
NEW YORK (AP) – Giancarlo Stanton hit a three-run homer and CC Sabathia pitched six effective innings, leading the Yankees to the victory.
Yankees rookie second baseman Gleyber Torres left in the fifth inning because of tightness in his right hip and was placed on the 10-day disabled list with a right hip strain.
Aaron Judge and Kyle Higashioka also homered for New York. Higashioka became the ninth player since 1920 whose first three hits were home runs.
Sabathia (6-3) yielded two runs and five hits.
Atlanta starter Julio Teheran (6-6) lasted just five innings, allowing five runs and five hits. He struck out 10 and walked four.
PHOENIX (AP) – Yadier Molina and Yairo Munoz homered, Miles Mikolas threw six strong innings and St. Louis broke loose late to beat Arizona and take two of three from the first-place Diamondbacks.
Molina’s three-run shot on the first pitch from reliever Fernando Salas highlighted a five-run seventh inning after Arizona had nursed a 2-1 lead through six. Tommy Pham drove in three Cardinals runs with a double and two singles.
The Diamondbacks dropped to 1-5 on their homestand and lead the surging Dodgers by just a half-game in the NL West.
Mikolas (9-3) gave up two runs, seven hits and four walks.
Arizona reliever Yoshihisa Hirano (2-1) had his franchise-record streak of 26 games without allowing a run end when Munoz homered on the first pitch of the seventh. Hirano gave up four runs, one earned, on three hits in two-thirds of an inning for his first loss since coming to the major leagues from Japan this season.
ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – Evan Gattis drove in Jose Altuve with a sacrifice fly in the 10th inning Authentic DaeSean Hamilton Jersey , sending AL West-leading Houston to the road win.
Altuve stopped a 0-for-13 slide with a one-out single in the 10th. Chris Martin (1-2) then hit Yuli Gurriel with a pitch before an errant pickoff throw allowed both runners to move up. Gattis followed with a fly ball to right-center.
Gurriel homered, doubled and scored twice as the Astros overcame an early four-run deficit. Collin McHugh (4-0) pitched three scoreless innings, and Ken Giles got three outs for his 12th save.
Texas’ Shin-Soo Choo homered and singled to extend his on-base streak to 44 games, the longest in his career and in the majors this season.
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Rich Hill earned his first win in three months, Yasmani Grandal and Chris Taylor drove in three runs apiece, and the Dodgers swept the Pirates for the second straight year.
The Dodgers outscored the Pirates 31-8 in the three-game series while winning their fourth in a row overall.
Hill (2-3) allowed two runs in five innings for his first victory since April 1. Kenley Jansen earned a five-out save, his 23rd of the season.
Gregory Polanco hit a two-run homer for Pittsburgh. Clay Holmes (0-1) was charged with four runs in 2 1/3 innings in his first major league start.
CHICAGO (AP) – Javier Baez stole home, Willson Contreras hit a tiebreaking homer and the Cubs earned their sixth straight victory.
Conditions at Wrigley Field favored the long ball, with a game-time temperature of 92 degrees, a heat index of 102 and the wind blowing out.
David Bote also connected for Chicago. Jose Quintana (7-6) pitched six effective innings in his first win since May 31, and Brandon Morrow got three outs for his 19th save.
Nicholas Castellanos and John Hicks went deep for Detroit, which has dropped 13 of 15. Francisco Liriano (3-5) permitted three runs in six innings.
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – Stephen Piscotty doubled three times and drove in three runs, powering Oakland to the win.
Khris Davis added an RBI single for the A’s, who have won 14 of 17 to move a season-high nine games over .500.
Lou Trivino (7-1) retired two batters for the win. Blake Treinen pitched the ninth for his 22nd save.
Christian Villanueva hit his 17th home run for San Diego. Jose Castillo (1-2) got the loss.
PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Aaron Nola stuck out nine in seven innings, Nick Williams hit a two-run homer and the Phillies beat the Orioles to sweep a two-game interleague series.
Nola (11-2) gave up one run and seven hits to win his fifth straight decision. Victor Arano tossed two innings for his first career save.
Philadelphia pulled within 1 1/2 games of NL East-leading Atlanta and improved 10 games over .500 for the first time since finishing the 2011 season with a franchise-record 102 wins.
Orioles right-hander Yefry Ramirez (0-2) gave up two runs – one earned – and one hit in five innings.


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Not only was it Canada Day with ”The Big Maple” , Canadian James Paxton on the mound for the Mariners‘ 1-0 victory over the Royals, it also was Paxton Bobblehead Day at Safeco Field.

This bobblehead included a bald eagle on his shoulder, a crazy moment that actually happened while working out in the outfield before a game this season in Minnesota. The video went viral.
Paxton allowed only two hits and struck out 11 in eight innings to lead the Mariners to their season-best seventh consecutive victory.
”Paxton enjoyed the moment,” Seattle manager Scott Servais said. ”It was National Pax Day. A holiday in Canada, the bobblehead and the fans were really into it.”
Paxton (8-2) had plenty of family and friends at the game from his hometown of Ladner, British Columbia.
”It was cool to pitch on Canada Day and have the bobblehead,” Paxton said. ”It felt good today. The fastball, curveball and cutter all were working.”
Edwin Diaz struck out the side in the ninth for his 32nd save. The Mariners are 26-11 in one-run games this season and 22-0 when Diaz enters the game with a one-run lead.
”As far as being valuable to our team, he has to be the top of the list,” Servais said about Diaz. ”He isn’t just getting it done, it’s also the efficiency of how he’s getting it done. When his timing is right, he’s really tough to hit.”
Kansas City rookie Brad Keller (2-3) also was tough to hit. He allowed six hits in eight innings. The only extra-base hit he allowed was a double by Kyle Seager in the seventh inning.
”He’s doing everything you want a starting pitcher to do,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. ”Complete game. He was fantastic. He’s out there attacking with his fastball , slider, throwing strikes and really commanding his pitch count.”
It was the first complete game of Keller’s career.
”After the game a few guys came up and said congratulations,” Keller said. ”I’ve never had one before and it’s pretty cool, but it’s frustrating (taking the loss). That’s tough lineup. A lot of good hitters over there. I tried to stay on the attack and not fall behind too much.”
The only run came in the second inning. Ben Gamel dropped a broken-bat single into shallow center to score Seager from second base. Seager singled to right before Ryon Healy singled to center.
That’s all Paxton needed, recording double-figure strikeouts for the seventh time this season. On his 110th pitch, his last of the game to close out the top of the eighth, his fastball was clocked at 99 mph.
”Late in the game he just dialed it up,” Servais said. ”Pax emptied the tank and let it rip. He had an overpowering fastball at the end. It’s pretty rare. There are only five to 10 guys in baseball who can do that and we’re lucky to have one of them.”
Royals: RHP Ian Kennedy, who experienced tightness on his left side during his start Friday, had his normal throwing day in the bullpen Sunday, but Kansas City manager Ned Yost did not say whether Kennedy would make his next scheduled start. Yost said RF Jorge Soler (fractured toe and placed in the 10-day DL June 17) is still on a six-weeks-or-so recovery, so it’s likely another four weeks before he would return.
Mariners: Manager Scott Servais said they will monitor RHP Felix Hernandez and his back stiffness over the next few days. Hernandez pitched five innings Saturday night and earned the victory (three runs and six hits) but struggled with back pain and wasn’t able to sit down in the dugout between innings. ”We’ll keep an eye on it,” Servais said. ”We have the off day (Monday) so he’ll get an extra-day off between starts.” … Servais said he was hopeful RHP Hisashi Iwakuma , who underwent shoulder surgery last September, would be back by now, but Iwakuma’s throwing was shut down again last week. ”He’s frustrated by that,” Servais said. ”The doctors still are optimistic he’ll get back (this season) but I don’t have any timetable for it.”
Royals: RHP Jakob Junis (5-9, 4.67) will make his 17th starts of the season Monday when the Royals return home to start a three-game series with Cleveland. Junis has allowed a major league-high 22 home runs over 96.1 innings.
Mariners: LHP Wade LeBlanc (3-0, 3.38) will make his 12th starts of the season Tuesday when Seattle starts a three-game series at home against the Angels. LeBlanc hasn’t lost a decision in his 11 starts and the Mariners are 8-3 in those games.
DENVER — When Andrew Suarez starts Wednesday for the San Francisco Giants, he will try to help them avoid being swept by the Colorado Rockies and solidify his spot in the Giants’ changing rotation.
Colorado left-hander Tyler Anderson (5-3, 4.23 ERA) will oppose Suarez (3-4, 4.18).
Before his team lost 8-1 on Tuesday to the Rockies, Giants manager Bruce Bochy announced that Johnny Cueto will be reinstated from the 60-day disabled list to start Thursday against St. Louis and Jeff Samardzija will come off the 10-day disabled list and start Saturday against the Cardinals.
Cueto (elbow strain) went 3-0 with an 0.84 ERA in five starts for the Giants this season. His last start for the Giants came April 28, and he pitched 7 2/3 scoreless innings in two rehab starts for Triple-A Sacramento.
“Johnny’s set to go,” Bochy said. “He passed all the tests, checked every box off. Been throwing the ball well. Hasn’t given up a run there. Bullpen (session Monday) went fine. Been hitting Authentic Lamar Jackson Jersey , bunting. I talked to Johnny. He said, ‘I’m ready to go. I feel better now than before (the injury).’ When you get one of your big guys ready to go, you pitch him.”
Bochy said Cueto would be limited to 85 pitches Thursday, and Derek Holland, if he doesn’t come out of the bullpen in the Rockies series, would back up Cueto.
Samardzija will pitch for the Giants for the first time since May 29. Bochy said that Dereck Rodriguez, who was scheduled to pitch Thursday, will instead start Friday. Madison Bumgarner, of course, will take his regular turn Sunday. That leaves Suarez or Chris Stratton for the final spot in the rotation. Both pitchers have minor league options.
Suarez might have the advantage because he has pitched well lately. He went 2-0 in six June starts, and in his last outing Friday at Arizona, he allowed one run in six innings. Suarez made his Coors Field debut and first start against the Rockies on May 28 and allowed four runs (three earned) in five innings in a no-decision after heeding advice from catcher Buster Posey.
Suarez said, “I remember the last time we were Authentic Sam Darnold Jersey , before my bullpen, Buster came up to me and he was like ‘As long as you keep throwing it right, it’ll be fine. But if you try too much, that’s the problem you’ll have. Your stuff isn’t as good.’ I just made sure to just throw it normal.”
Meanwhile, Stratton gave up a career-high 11 hits and a career-high eight runs in 5 2/3 innings Tuesday. In his past six starts, Stratton is 1-3 with a 5.79 ERA.
Anderson threw a career-high eight scoreless innings with one walk and eight strikeouts Wednesday at Los Angeles in a 3-1 win over the Dodgers. Anderson is 2-2 with a 2.70 ERA in his past five starts with six walks and 32 strikeouts in 33 1/3 innings. He’s 0-2 with a 5.56 ERA in four career starts against the Giants, including a no-decision May 20 at AT&T Park where he gave up five runs in 5 1/3 innings as the Rockies lost 9-5.
The Rockies have won 14 of their past 16 games from the Giants (45-42) at Coors Field. The Rockies (43-43) have climbed back to .500 by winning five of their past six games. They have been getting outstanding starting pitching, the latest effort being seven scoreless innings Tuesday from Antonio Senzatela in his first start this season for the Rockies.
The Colorado starters have pitched well in six of the past eight games, going 4-0 with a 2.15 ERA in that stretch and allowing 12 earned runs and 31 hits in 50 1/3 innings with 11 walks and 41 strikeouts.
“We’re only going to go as far as they do,” Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado said. “They’re pitching great. They’re giving the offense a chance. Quick innings, which is huge.”

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With apologies to Little Orphan Annie [url=][/url] , the sun’ll come out today.

Considering the month the Kansas City Royals just went through, and that they’re currently in often-overcast Seattle, that was no guarantee.

No team in baseball will be happier to flip the calendar than the Royals, who are coming off the worst June in their 50-year history.

“I’m ready to turn the page and start over in July,” Royals manager Ned Yost told The Kansas City Star. “It’s just kind of a reset. We’re out of there, it’s done; it’s behind us. Let’s go on to July and see what happens.”

How bad was June?

The Royals went 5-21, tied for their fewest wins in the month (and that came in 1981, when they went 5-5 as the season was interrupted by a work stoppage).

They scored four or fewer runs in all but two games, including 21 of the past 22, and never won back-to-back games.

Kansas City scored a major league low 58 runs in the month, 29 fewer than runner-up Tampa Bay (87).

They batted .193 (162-for-839), the worst month in franchise history (the 1992 Royals hit .207 in April), and had 10 hits in a game just once.

“It’s not frustration,” Yost told of his club’s rough June. “Well [url=][/url] , that’s a lie. We’re all frustrated. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen an offensive drought like we’ve had all month long. It’s pretty puzzling. There’s no answer for it.”

One of the few bright spots for the Royals was the performance of rookie right-hander Brad Keller (2-2, 2.25 ERA), who is scheduled to face Mariners left-hander James Paxton (7-2, 3.65) in the series finale Sunday afternoon at Safeco Field.

In his last outing Monday, Keller pitched seven innings, allowed just two hits and struck out six in a 2-0 victory against the Angels, getting his first win as a starter.

The Angels hit just one ball out of the infield against Keller and never got a runner past first base.

“It was pretty super-duper,” Yost said. “Just banging strikes, on the attack, everything that you want. Just a great pitching performance. Never was in any real trouble and had the game in total control.”

Keller became just the second Royals starter to throw at least seven shutout innings while allowing two or fewer hits within his first five major league starts. The other was Mel Stottlemyre Jr. (now the Mariners pitching coach) in 1990.

“I was able to keep the ball down, keep them off-balance,” Keller said after his last start. “Slider felt really good and made some adjustments in the bullpen prior to this game, and it felt really good.”

Paxton, who is 2-0 with a 2.54 ERA in five career starts against Kansas City [url=][/url] , will be facing the Royals for the second time this season. He didn’t get a decision in a 4-2 Seattle road victory on April 11, allowing two runs on six hits in six innings. He walked one and struck out 10.

Paxton had nearly identical statistics in his last start Tuesday in Baltimore, allowing two runs on six hits in seven innings with one walk and 10 strikeouts in a 3-2 victory.

“(Paxton) came right after them, right out of the chute,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said. “I thought he was outstanding.”

The Latest on the ads of the 2018 Super Bowl (all times Eastern Time):

10:45 p.m.

The Giants won the Super Bowl.

Not really, but Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. stole the show with an NFL ad in which the two perform the choreography from the movie ”Dirty Dancing” – complete with the iconic lift done by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

The third-quarter ad was an instant social media hit. Twitter users said they had the time of their life.

Bret Werner, who is the president of MWW public relations, says ”the NFL spot on ”Dirty Dancing” was vintage. The Odell and Eli connection scored off the field.”

10:00 a.m.

Hyundai is trying a stunt to advertise that it donates to pediatric cancer research every time someone buys a Hyundai.

The ad was filmed on location in Minneapolis in the days before the Super Bowl. The company invited Hyundai owners to the Super Bowl Experience fan event near the stadium and made them go through a pseudo-metal detector that went off when they passed through. The owners were brought into a room and shown a video about cancer survivors. Then, the actual survivors walked in.

Dean Evans, Hyundai chief marketing officer, says some of the Hyundai owners thought they were in trouble even though the metal detectors had hearts on them. He says, ”there’s this big heart the size of a head, glowing, and no one noticed it.”


9:30 p.m.

Part of the fun for Super Bowl ad viewers is guessing which brand is behind the hokey jokes or inspirational messages before a commercial ends. Tide is playing on that game with a series of ads that give one answer: They’re all Tide ads!

”Stranger Things” actor David Harbor pops up in scenes that seem to be ads about different products: a car [url=][/url] , an insurance company, jewelry and Old Spice (another P&G product). He proclaims them all Tide ads because everyone’s shirt is spotless – even the mechanic underneath a car.

The lighthearted ads have been trending on Twitter and getting good reviews.

Bret Werner is the president of MWW public relations. He says the Tide ad is creative and ”a great way to draft off of every commercial.”

9 p.m.

The trailer for ”Solo: Star Wars Story” is getting the most Twitter attention so far, followed by Wendy’s attack ad against McDonald’s.

That’s according to an initial analysis by Amobee, a global marketing technology company.

Also among the most-tweeted were Tide, Ram Trucks, Pepsi and the back-to-back Mountain Dew/Doritos ad featuring Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip-synching to hip-hop.

Tide seems to be getting positive reaction for its attempt to co-opt all other Super Bowl ads. In a spot that harked back to the ”Energizer Bunny” of the 90s, the message is that anyone wearing clean clothes must be in a Tide ad.

Ram Trucks is getting mixed reactions. Many Twitter users were put off by the use of an MLK speech to sell trucks. Others appreciated the sentiment.

8:15 p.m.

Fiat Chrysler is using the 50th anniversary of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech to sell trucks.

King’s voice rings out as the ad for Ram Trucks shows a series of ordinary people in acts of love. In his speech, King called on people to show greatness through kindness and service. The point? Ram’s tagline: ”Built To Serve.”

The ad, which wasn’t released early, contrasted with the humor many other brands are going for.

Wendy’s took its ongoing Twitter snark against McDonald’s to the small screen. Its first quarter ad called out its rival for using frozen beef in most of its patties. Wendy got into it before the game started, tweeting at McDonald’s: ”Who wants a Bread Mac?” That came minutes after McDonald’s aired an ad before kickoff.


7:45 p.m.

Look for his coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the East.

Oh no, that was Gandalf at the Battle of Helm’s Deep. The much-ballyhooed Bud Knight’s adventure turned out to be much different. More like that friend who’s always promising he’ll ”try” to stop by for drinks after the ”thing” he has later.

Bud Light is aiming to give impatient ”Game of Thrones” fans their fantasy fix with a series of ads that follow a hapless medieval army that shouts the nonsensical phrase ”Dilly Dilly” before battle.

They looked for his coming in the second quarter. Before halftime, they looked to the 60-second ad. But the Bud Knight blew off his military duties to have drinks with friends.


7:30 p.m.

The Super Bowl isn’t the only sporting event in town. NBC will start broadcasting the Olympics just four days after the big game [url=][/url] , so some Super Bowl ads are Olympics-related.

NBC is running five 60-second spots pregame, in game and postgame, each featuring an athlete’s Olympic story: skier Mikaela Shiffrin, snowboarder Chloe Kim, snowboarder Shaun White, figure skater Nathan Chen and skier Lindsey Vonn.

Meanwhile, Toyota has its own 60-second ad with an Olympics and Paralympics theme airing in the first quarter.

Some Super Bowl ads will pull double duty. For instance, Coca-Cola’s 60-second fourth-quarter ad that celebrates the diversity of its customers will also run during the opening ceremonies.


7 p.m.

Just who are the 111 million viewers of the Super Bowl? According to Nielsen, the audience last year was almost evenly split between men and women – 5

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