While I've watched a lot of top Fortnite Items players stream Fortnite (as well as bumbling throughout the game myself), this is a much different style of gameplay. Everyone has to perform a whole lot more cautiously with so many excellent players on the map, and we saw almost no action in a location like Tilted Towers which is almost always a mad scramble in most regular games.

There could be stretches of time in which players, including Ninja, would simply hide in towers at the secure zone to secure their place, however there was lots of activity as well, as the shrinking map compels players to not get comfortable for too long. We saw that a handful of Ninja's trademark impulse/pump shotgun launching plays. We saw him snipe two individuals in 2 shots. And we saw a lot of fantastic play from the whole field.

This event type of defies classification, but fortnite weapons what might have been somewhat cheesy ended up being a lot of fun, and I saw that the entire thing from start to finish. It discusses the power of Ninja's enduring appeal, and also the production value from Esports Arena Las Vegas, which put on a terrific show. I have no idea if this will become a recurring event, as who knows the condition of Fortnite and Ninja's popularity per year from now, but both would seem to have a substantial amount of staying power.

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