Fandom has alienated a number of communities in RuneScape gold recent years with restrictions on customization and feature decisions such as (and especially) Featured Video. I do indeed not know the details, but I strongly suspect this community's departure was due to the same if not very similar reasons. Fandom is under new leadership and currently re-evaluating the company's strategy and priorities. We can't undo what's already done, but we would like to ask anyone who is sticking around to give us the benefit of the doubt. If you can't do that, that is perfectly fair - but understand that we won't engage in debates about what was done wrong in the past, only about where we can go from here. Mira Laime @fandom  (help forum | blog)

Mira, thanks for your replies. Along with everyone else who's commented so far, I'm still very concerned about this. You say that "Fandom as a company has taken some steps and made some feature changes in the last couple of years that did not put our communities and their needs first" ?C but Fandom won't be able to solve the problems that it has caused by continuing with the same approach, ignoring its users.

You mentioned how "Fandom is under new leadership and currently re-evaluating the company's strategy and priorities", and ask us to bear with the company ?C but as this is the only example we have of its new approach, and it's alienating even more of your users, I think you really need to refocus as soon as possible on re-engaging with your editors on their own terms, and ask yourself what the underlying problems are in your company ethos that continue to drive away the people who freely add value to buy OSRS gold the company as you go forward. This is absolutely vital, and Fandom is almost unique in this respect (despite whatever consultants or executives from other business sectors might say ?C collaboratively crowdsourcing your content needs a focus on listening to and supporting your editors as your top goal, and the rest will follow).