Personally I am so happy that things like Black Lotus and World Buffs will probably be wow classic gold more difficult to come by. I believe a bunch or cadre of guilds should need to be very organized to be as powerful as possible with always that sinking realization that at any time some troll or any random guy who killed Rend to get the very first time and is turning into a pursuit can just go and fuck up everything for those very same people. You can wager that high end guilds will gear out mages to get AoE farming black lotus and knowingly attempting to keep them from selling these on the AH.

You're completely right except leading guilds will still need autistic amounts of consumables the farming will probably only be worse. We can only pray the normies create AH flipping very rewarding otherwise esfands guild will not even make it to ouro now as he will not have the ability to purchase his guilds slackers flasks.interesting movie but bloated and largely pointless. Anyone who ever played on any personal server should be well aware that a lot of this data is just made up to more or less produce an effect similar to what the coders remember from your official game.Putting that aside you spent 26minutes replicating that coders made up stuff, mobs will probably be stronger and skills weaker. May have said buy classic wow gold the exact same thing in less or 10minutes.