The bank space saved via the metal / ore bank is great, but adding some ability to access it remotely or w/o having to RS gold go to a furnace and/or anvil if you need ores/bars. Plus being able to access this from your bank so you know how many ores and bars you have so you can then load out to determine if you need to go mine or smelt or smith would be nice as well rather than needing to go to the furnace / anvil to determine if you need more ore / bars for something you'd like to do.

Hey guys,Just a heads up. We have some new Desktop and Mobile wallpapers, and social media headers on our Flickr account. Including:- Halloween- Wyverns- Elf City Waterfall Fishing- Tuska- Lord of Vampyrium- Seren Quest- Call of the Ancestors- Hero's Welcome- Raids- Invasion of Falador...and more!Head there now and choose your favourites!

Hey all, let me start by saying this server is both a community and a clan discord, we use roles to distinguish the difference however we are open to buy OSRS gold the entire Runescape community, we have had Jmods in the past, famous scapers and in general a lot of different people!