I refuse to play another portable game since The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold I got burned by these portable games you could just play for so long before you could not play any longer before a specific amount of time has passed if you don't would like to pay real cash just to keep on playing. Yeah, I'm not interested in any mobile game simply due to the time-gated games, I do not care who makes it. Screw that and people programmers who want to create mobile games their sole business model. Yeah, I have a telephone and no your sport can't be on it.If these companies want us gamers to choose the mobile gaming seriously, why can not they just make good games.I remember The Elder Scrolls Blades known as Oceanhorn which was originally made for mobile devices and that I enjoyed playing with it. You paid the first price (~10$ iirc) and you also received a complete game with no further monetization what ever.If these AAA companies want us to honor mobile gaming they have to perform at least that much what Oceanhorn did.

Graphics are bad. Touchscreen controls only work for puzzlers and strategy. RIP Bethesda, I will never forget all the great experiences but they are full company now.What's soo discouraging is this is only accelerating. I've gone back and tried some old mobile games that were not mad monetized when I stopped playing them. They all have additional layers of buy ESO Blades Gold new monetization schemes on top of the old. And that I see this happening in PC games and I just hate it, I've been buying up older PC games to test them out trigger the new ones are only soo greedy.