1 thing which you will most certainly wish to poe currency avoid is that the red circle that The Chimera forms because of his Combo Attack. Apart from that, the rest of his attacks shouldn't deal with you too much damage, though the Charge and Hidden Attacks could cause you some issues, so be sure to save some flasks just in case.

What makes this conflict so distinct, and subsequently, much more difficult, is the fact that it is composed of four boss stages and three add stages. The add stages, in particular, are a difficult challenge, with there beingan extra supervisor to greet you that poses a hazard on the level using The Chimera.

You're going to want to keep ruby flasks handy also, as you will have to maintain as much fire immunity up as possible. Saving the best for last, The Chimera is without a doubt the fight from all four of The Guardians.

You are going to have to prepare yourself for adds spawning in, therefore dispatch of them when the right moment arises. 1 specific opportunity to do this is if The Phoenix begins to station Fire Bomb, therefore in this instance, you'll want to move off and take anything out knocking around in the procedure.

Unlike the other two fights, The Phoenix battle is buy poe chaos orbs not based on the space you've got between yourself. You'll be able to get him close if you so want, though one attack he will have in his holster is your Whirling Charge, and it is certainly an attack that you're going to want to dodge as fast as possible, as it could cope multiple bouts of harm.