Forming the word"DOFUS", the title of Kamas Dofus Retro the mythical dragon eggs, but in addition the title of Dofus, these tiles have the particularity, when 5 Dofus players are placed on at precisely the same time, to start the entrance to a secret cave. Located in the Low Mountain of the Crackers, the myth tells that in this cave would be treasures able to change any individual. It might be a safe that may open just. Liche, Dofus player and youtuber called the Dofus community, reap the benefits of the introduction of servers to try to unravel this mystery, and finally reveal what's concealed in the Crackers! Unfortunately, everything has not gone as planned. But this experience is not over yet, new components have arrived, and everything suggests that the hunt is just starting.

Designated since the servers that would revive their Dofus game, Ankama is about to terminate the server Temporis.Arrivé April 24, the host Temporis was able to chat about him through the challenge that he suggested. With only 3 months to make it to the maximum level and 10 000 points of succeeding, this frenzied race has conquered the Dofus players. The deadline coming to an end, the server is going to be closed at July 31.

It is through a new official statement that Ankama has recalled this news, taking this chance to provide details onto the machine about your characters' transfer. The server ends on July 31, you'll have two months, from this day, move your character and to package up. The transfer will of course be liberated, and all your stock will be taken into cheap Dofus Kamas consideration. So consider emptying your pencils, but also your banks, auction houses! You'll have to get a personality slot available to transfer your adventurer.