It would appear as though the OSRS gold size of this breach was much bigger than at first thought. Compromised details included usernames, email and IP addresses and passwords saved as either salted MD5 or bcrypt hashes, based on HaveIBeenPwned.Jason Kent, hacker-in-residence at Cequence Security, cautioned users of both sites of follow-on phishing attacks, particularly in the run-up to the Black Friday sales weekend.

"Following the suspicious API calls were detected, we immediately disabled all access Teams which successfully blocked the perpetrator from gaining entry to accounts," it said at the moment. "Because of an increased number of cyber-attacks on crypto-exchanges from the recent years, we've decided to take extra actions to safeguard

GateHub accounts. We are generating encryption keys and re-encrypting all sensitive information such as XRP ledger wallets key keys on all reports upon sign-in that is following. Behind the scenes, we are taking other precautions too."

More than two millions users of a gaming company and a cryptocurrency professional have been the newest"netizens" to possess their personal data compromised by attackers. The haul includes 1.4 million reports from users of wallet service GateHub, which were posted to a hacking forum, according to the breach telling site Buy Runescape gold HaveIBeenPwned? The firm had previously acknowledged a June breach, though a"final statement" about the incident it submitted a month later claimed that hackers had just been able to acquire entry tokens for 18,473 encrypted customer accounts.