"Think about it this way: If we took everything to an intense and all the very best gear and items were very cheap -- so cheap that when I went out and bought gold, I could buy every item which I wanted to -- then RuneScape could be OSRS gold nearly meaningless. Everybody would have everything they wanted, which would go entirely against people play RuneScape. That's why I think flat-rate costs since you're selling gold is indeed detrimental to RuneScape."

While Anema is critical of people who gold-farm at RuneScape, he believes there is a degree of hypocrisy concealing behind the criticism aimed toward Venezuelan RuneScape players, even since they are just able to do what they do due to the demand for gold farming solutions from other RuneScape players. "People who are angry at Venezuelans for gold farming also need to check out the neighborhood and say: Well, there's just as much need for the Venezuelans' source, because a ton of people are purchasing their gold," Anema continues. "it is an issue in the community too."

On Reddit, discussions about RuneScape's Venezuelan community have reached a boiling point. One post -- since removed by a moderator -- was a guide explaining how to identify and kill Venezuelan RuneScape players within an area of RuneScape commonly used to farm green dragons. In another, a broken-hearted RuneScape player recounted his experience using a Venezuelan RuneScape participant who had been trying to flee the country. A lot of the animosity that is directed toward Venezuelan RuneScape players is coming from RuneScape players who invest their time at the Revenant Caves situated in the Wilderness, a place where RuneScape players may attack other RuneScape players. The Revenant Caves are fairly popular with Venezuelan gold farmers, who usually play in massive classes or clans to hunt green dragons or fight additional RuneScape players.

"Rev caves are the one thing that stops me from becoming compassionate towards them," reads one reply on Reddit in a RuneScape thread about Venezuelan RuneScape players. "Jagex needs to do something about those Venezuelans," the other RuneScape player wrote, adding:"I do not care about their real-life circumstance. They perform with RuneScape solely for financial gain and it's destroying the market. They offer nothing to RuneScape, they do not interact within the community"

Whenever some RuneScape players discuss stories about their negative connections with Venezuelans, other RuneScape players, like Pip Johnson, aren't as crucial about them. In reality, Johnson sympathises with the problem which Venezuelan RuneScape players have found themselves in, and describes his encounter with one Venezuelan RuneScape player as"the first real experience" he's had with the other RuneScape player online in more than 15 years, after he was talented things and RS 2007 Gold provided advice on the best methods to level up. "I do think that the Venezuelan economy is in shambles is terrible, and I do not blame anybody there for making money in almost any manner they can, irrespective of any impact it may have on RuneScape," Johnson states.