It was enjoyable although I opted to buy RS gold do a little bit. I will say I had forgotten how small the stock in RuneScape is, and it took a while to understand what I want to be picking up and exactly what I need to just ignore. Additionally, I understood I know next to nothing about RuneScape. I really don't know whether that's since I was 13 when I last played and therefore very dumb, or when a lot has changed since then, but there's so many things I do not recall. Having the capability to note half the quests, items, and also the whole grand exchange were fresh to me, and apparently there's end game raids or some thing? Like bosses with mechanisms? Certainly something to look forward to.

Speaking of quests however, I realized how dull and intriguing they are. And I know this will be hated by some people since it ruins the experience or whatever, but following a couple quests I only started looking up what the prerequisites were. I know, I know, the whole point of RuneScape would be to research and learn things as you move, but man running back and forth over and over for different pursuit items is much more debilitating than simply buying everything beforehand and doing it quicker. That being said that the quests are fun, the conversation is really good and I didn't believe any of these, although there are not many free 2 play quests were badly made or designed.

Although I ended all Dragon Slayer in roughly two days, like I said when you look up things, it's significantly quicker lol. I also adore how some of the things is. If I really want to focus hard and try I can do this and get a lot done and battle enemies, but when my friends want to play a game I will throw RS in my other monitor and still make meaningful progress with something like fishing without needing to concentrate on it.

I also found out Twitch Prime provides you membership for a few weeks, and guy today I'm just as confused as before. There is a lot of new quests, new zones, new abilities, new things, and it's just so overwhelming and different, but I really like it. I decided that now that I have and also the bond system appears fantastic because of that. Making money is my favourite thing to do in each game, and with all the newest (?) Bonds and exchange it gives me the perfect reason to do it in Runescape also, and man I am very excited for this. There's so many money making approaches, some are even decently AFK-able, and it's been a good deal of fun researching options and figuring out what abilities are best for making gp.

Additionally some random guy walked up and gave me 200k gold even though I hadn't ever typed a single thing at the 10 hours I had played up till that point, and I realize that's not a frequent thing, but like I've never seen that in any other match in my life and it reminded me of the drop parties which used to happen back when I played with and that was super amazing. Anyhow, I know this is long and very quite pointless, but with the servers down and there being quite a lot of negativity right now because of it, I figured a little positivity could not hurt. I am excited to find out where my OSRS journey takes me, and runescape 3 gold I am really happy I ended up coming back and committing RuneScape another attempt. I had truly forgotten exactly how unique and fun it is.