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Try adapting players into new positions

When you construct a squad you will obviously be conditioned to the players' positions. You must select 18 players and one should be a goalkeeper. Then, if you do not need to have chemistry affected, you are going to have to buy players to the positions you need, according to your formation. They won't always need to Buy FIFA 19 Coins rigorously match since you may use position modifiers, but surely you will know you can't have all 18 players of exactly the exact same position.

The issue here is just how far you may go and disrespect the chemistry. Most people will respect chemistry but it does not necessarily need to be like that. It's correct that we do advise you to not use a participant with individual chemistry below , but it is contingent upon the alternative. Even though there's no definite sign, general rule, a Cristiano Ronaldo acting as ST will do better than Aduriz, who is most often employed for this position on BBVA squads.