So what am I overlooking here? What happened to Maplestory 2 Mesos keeping it easy? I really don't understand. They are still around. Just not as appealing as the other overpowered courses available. Leveling was made simple from 1-200 to cater to casual gamers to allow them to achieve the levels necessary for content. You can not sell things in stores on the reboot server so naturally nobody would be there.

This badge is the only badge at the game which enables possible and is necessary for those seeking end game items.

Here are a list of reasons why I feel that the quest ought to be repeatable: As mentioned previously, only badge which lets potential.Is untradeable. This means a player can not make gain meso-wise from others, just stat-wise for themselves. Shop sell worth is low (I think 1 meso, not certain), so can't merely repeat quest and sell to NPC to acquire maplestory mesos.Since it has the ability to be cheap Maple Story Mesos possible and cubed, would enable players to gain potential which will help increase range and permit for players to achieve damage goals.

As mentioned previously together with cubing, would allow more cubes to be used by players (AKA longer NX bought and more cash for Nexon). Addition to previous statement about buy of NX, does not force players to purchase cubes. Reward store offers cubes together with master and meister cubes thereby encouraging players to play more to obtain those items.The thing used during the quest, White Essence,

already has a repeatable quest which permits a player to challenge the boss multiple times.