The next Rocket League amend is on the horizon, and we’re alteration things up a bit with our latest Crate! We ambition you, the committed Rocket League community, to acquire what items we awning in our first-ever Player’s Best Crate Crates Rocket League! You can aces your admired Complete Attenuate Decals, Exotic Wheels, Acceptation Battle-Car, and more!

Some of these customization items are old favorites and others are brand-new, but we are bringing them to new Battle-Cars and ambition to put the adeptness in your calmly this time! We capital to agreement a bit with this crate, so in actuality acquaint us what you think Rocket League Crates.Below you’ll acquisition a poll with all of the attainable categories and choices (note that you acquire assorted choices to accomplish in some categories), and we will be animate the poll through midnight Pacific Time on February 1st.