TERA's next major content update Secrets & Shadows should have the elin ninja join the overall game. In the meantime En Masse Entertainment is running a function until May 3rd, through which players can win ninja-themed items.
By crawling through dungeons and entering battleground players Tera Gold will earn Shadow Letter Boxes, each containing one random letter. By combining randomly assigned letters into among three words players unlock prizes:
SECRETS—Completing this word makes a prize box containing the Nightfall costume, a ninja-themed accessory, and other consumables.
SHADOWS—Completing this word makes a prize box containing sometimes a Bloodshadow costume, a ninja-themed accessory, or any other consumables.
ENCHANTING—Completing this word produces Tera Gold PS4 an Enchanting Event Box containing a tier 8 or tier 9 enchanting scroll, or any other enchanting materials.
Extra letters could be transformed into an Entry Ticket Maker to penetrate a contest legitimate life prizes, including considered one of three elin ninja statues.
Learn more to do with the contest as well as the introductiong with the elin ninja by going to the official TERA website.