Clearly, as a way to handle such lethal situations, players need even more weapons within their arsenals as well as that end, the 'development' team is adding a jewel socketing system on the game's already impressive skill tree.

Players will ultimately, be capable of create their unique passives through judicious keeping various jewels. Not only Buy POE Currency does this within the passive combo types exponentially, it allows players to try and do things like add attributes for the purpose of one weapon, to the weapon (for example, adding poison dagger attributes to your bow, thus setting up a poison bow).

Even better, certain jewels allow their effects to operate not just on a single part of the skill tree, but inside a radius extending beyond it.

The benefit for this is so it minimizes (or eliminates) the need to figure your way over the skill tree to mmoah acquire a certain ability; it will be easy to implement that ability essentially anywhere you enjoy. You'll even manage to give passives for a minion.

Along with new monsters, areas and passives, The Awakening will add 70 new unique items on the game, including a samurai sword (among the most-requested weapons) as well as a bow that spawns minions with every kill.

The latter was actually cool along with the new jewel-socketing system, that allows for minions to become a lot more varied and powerful.