So in case you would like to wow classic gold play with your nostalgic match with shit images do it. It is fucking optional - let me have your images that is outdated, if you so desperately want them and have a good experience.

I'd really like to try out a WoW Classic, but will never try it out. Same goes, with better controls and menus. I would change a great deal of things in games I love. Maybe not WoW Classicplay, but let's say stock control options and stuff.You probably think, that you are"Hardcore" WoW Classic player, which means you are kind a above everyone else. I really don't feel that classic is just. It is for everybody, who enjoys games. Along with Blizzard undestands that, if there'll be only freaks playingugly graphics there is no purpose for a game to be made by them.

No, it will effect my gameplay because new character versions attracts the swag fags, anime fans, pedos, and fucking children. That's the whole reason why I left retail WoW Classic in the first place, to ESCAPE that sort of buy wow classic gold toxicity. Additionally, I don't wish to roll a character and have it be viewed as one of the newest character models.

The new character models seem cheesy and retarded, and the majority of them seem as though they operate and walk as though they have a dick in their ass or seem as they enjoy sucking one also (especially the female toons). If those character models that are new are around Classic, I am not enjoying and I know. And they're already fucking up WoW Classic with loot that is shared sharding, and other crap. Vintage is starting to seem like retail, just minus the xpacs.