I concur that the legendary weapons that you could buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold are absurd, but the things that I craft and enchant myself are significantly better that anything that I get from any torso. Purchasing chests may help a bit at the very early levels, and also the prices are crazy, but I can't agree that it is"pay to win" I absolutely see where you're coming out, but any time that I purchase anything from a chest, it all just ends up battled for parts so that I can upgrade my equipment that I have, or on the rare possibility that it is better than my existing gear it'll be quickly outclassed but the stuff that I can craft once my blacksmith finishes updating. I concur that the torso system is broken. And the gems appear far too.

But I don't feel that you are put by spending cash . We're all getting to the exact same location, some are just eager to pay to get there faster. I was looking at the tempering menu within my blacksmith, also I can get my dwarven longsword to have higher all around stats the legendary greatsword The Elder Scrolls Blades lately offered me for 1,400 stone. And that is enchanting. Of coarse that is with a great deal of rThe Elder Scrolls Bladesurces but that is a single handed dwarven weapon. Not even top tier at the Elder Scrolls Blades. I am not attempting to justify the problems with The Elder Scrolls Bladess market, I simply wouldn't go so far as to call this"cover to acquire" if it is more along the lines of"pay because I do not have that kind of time to invest." ?

Considering work and time to produce The Elder Scrolls Blades it isn't an upsetting surprise to discover. Bethesda is a company. It requires money to live. And also an advertisment system throughout The Elder Scrolls Blades could have broken game encounter. And it is not as rewarding. I disagree with you. I've waited to get a suitable hand-held The Elder Scrolls Blades game for nearly 16 years were psp began and it only waited for the microtransaction bs. All matches are totally ruined by that. With overpowered armor and weapons. Bethesda have completed it. I purchased fallout 76 and spat on us veterans. And u have ruined The Elder Scrolls Blades I have allways loved and supported. Thank you Todd. Have a nice rest of your lives. I'd have payed for ESO Blades Boosting and dlc's but no no god not this.