The penalties scoreboard didn't show the team's kit colors when playing an English Premier League match.
Sometimes the match details overlay was displaying too briefly at half-time as well as the end with the match.

Aggregate score was missing from your score clocks for that LaLiga, English Premier League and Bundesliga overlay packages.

The penalties effects were missing in the match details overlay when playing a match in MLS.
The league table dropdown only agreed to FIFA Ultimate Team 19 Coins be showing the most notable team's point totals in a very LaLiga match.

The default Skill Games camera was sometimes clipping throughout the fence.
The camera angles used by a woman's match were incorrect over the player lineup shots.

The camera was sometimes being obstructed in the number of stadiums.
Resolved clipping issues within a number of stadiums.

Placeholder text was present on some ad boards.
The Bundesliga 2 logo was appearing throughout a substitution inside a Bundesliga match.

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