As somebody who plays RS gold and OSRS, WoW has a much better money to gold . Tokens fluxuate much more than bonds and you get a lot more"bang" for your buck. You can also cash letting you purchase. To get a titanforged boe in the WoW AH it'll run you 2-3 tokens(based on server/piece/timing) that is approximately 60 USD, but if you would like to obtain a twisted bow it's about 810$ USD if priced at 900m. They need to acquire aggressive In case Jamflex wants to destroy the trading marketplace.

But having the knwoledge things to do questing wise and lvl up efficently youd need to know runescape bit of skill but not much. The hell kill dragons to get 400khr when u might perform vorkath to get 2-3mhr ima handfull of months if you train your accounts to be an enormous tank with high magic. Im 95 range, 99 magical, 85 def, I kill vorkath fairly easily but cant on cellular and dont have a computer rn so its fucked buttt ye.

These venezuelans are being directly scammed lol, if they simply made their own accounts (s) they can rake in 3m+ per hour and receive 480m a month from inefficient non-botting, 0 danger, and even dare I say possibly fun work instead of grunt work, and earn more than that man's highest earner on only about 40 hours per week also, direct pay too. All of that is assuming they are currently selling at price TO goldsellers, meaning it's guranteed money not a bunch of cheap RuneScape gold strings attached and risks take or anything.