Old school RuneScape gold includes a healthy and thriving neighborhood, great economy controlled by gamers, tons of content and everything around the world is applicable unlike most of mmos at which 90% of content becomes immaterial when you hit max level. Not in Runescape. I log into wow and I get cause of the same content of raids and wquests. In Runescape I have to perform.

True community is flourishing can not say anything. In terms of relevancy... How frequently do you see dorgeshuun or elves. I'm sick of people literally being like"oh my god osrs is amazing it is a golden age of this franchise thanks to it" while multiple upgrades in this past year essentially do the same thing which ruined economy back in the Runescape3.

I played osrs for two years and performed 3 years from 2007-10 and literally last 5 months made me switch to Runescape3 which I now play for a bit more than a month. Runescape3 might have MTX but holy shit the ammount of articles for all there is amazing and skilling doesn't feel like a exact same fucking content for 120 hours straight (yes I am looking in the osrs runecrafting). Zeah amazing content and both raids will also be great but ffs either nerf current best pvm moneymakers which I already mentioned or buff aged PvM loot tables since drops outside of uniques are miserable at shit like GWD for your effort you have to buy RS gold create compared to stuff like revs which got even more buffed by wildy firearms.