I wonder whether the OSRS gold bot outbreak have such a strong hold on the RS economy that Jagex are nervous about crashing it completely.

I actually like these vids a great deal and you should keep doing them but honestly for example that first bot farm with the"high level balances" those accounts could get these botted stats in a few times simple, so we can't assume they've been there for weeks. If they had been there for months they'd all be 99 magic easy with 10s of mills xp over 99 if they are botting for months at a time state 8-12 hours per day.thats kinda much excellent Cash if you code them good only Sayin and rwting is rather easy so lets say that you buy 500m in 3months of botting or 1day w.e what bot farming you gonna perform and if you dont get keylogged etc while rwting you dont Need to work .

Not to mention theyre selling it for real cash. Thats demoralizing. I know that a few players who are maxed and near maxed that are staking away billions and Cheap Rs gold their banks because theyre tired of the pointless soulless game thats 50% apps. Jagex will see their game dead in 5years guaranteed because the individual players will probably be gone. Remember this remark when it starts happening.

You clearly have no capability to use that brain of yours. Only because a bot did not get in the way of me creating 40 mill off the lucky bandos trip I had a couple of days ago, it still effects me understanding that theres thousands of bot farmers making over that by the week with 0 effort.