Here it is, the one feature that makes Madden 20 coins' gameplay stand out.Prior titles (at least those on PS4 and Xbox One) have done a poor job of dividing the skill sets of the NFL's best players from the rest of the pack. Playing with the Russell Wilson or LA's Aaron Donald of Seattle never gave the impression of superior quality. They had stats but the ball and bag would throw the same as everyone else. Constantly changes, and they alter it for the better.

The 50 greatest players in the league have tangible authority to roam through matches, bust out the big plays once the chips are down or dominate rivals in a one-sided shut out. It's marvellous to see, and it's ridiculous to envision playing with Madden with this feature today. Patrick Mahomes can throw further than many, Michael Thomas captures like he has glue on his palms, Von Miller sets the fear of passing into QBs and Khalil Mack is practically unstoppable. This forces players to think about who they toss the ball to, who they restrain pre-snap and who can make a difference.

When reviewing Madden 20, it had been hard to not notice how much emphasis has been put on the running game this season. The same holds for highlighting the finest players of the NFL. Try to throw deep routes with all the worst QBs in the game on every play, by utilizing a number of the biggest Superstars of the position and you will not have nearly as much success as you'll. This makes sense, but through all the alterations to physics, sacking, pass inceptions and X-Factor abilities, it's still not easy to cheap Mut 20 coins win game after game on Madden.