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Aldermen have overwhelmingly approved an ordinance prohibiting the sale of flavored vaping products in Chicago, despite fears from some aldermen that the ban will simply send people who use them to the suburbs or northwest Indiana to get their fix.To get more news about E-cigarettes supplies, you can visit univapo official website.

The measure, approved by a 46-4 vote on Wednesday, would ban all flavored vaping products, except those that taste or smell like tobacco. The ban does not apply to flavored cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco, including menthol cigarettes.

Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th), the chief sponsor, originally wanted to ban any kind of flavored tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, but couldn’t get enough support from fellow aldermen, many of whom sided with retail groups who argued smokers would simply go outside city limits to buy those products, and increase the black market for so-called “loosies” – unregulated cigarettes.

O’Shea called the compromise approved on Wednesday “a major step forward” in protecting Chicago’s youth from the health risks of vaping products, which have become increasingly popular with teens and young adults.

“In 2019, more than 10% of middle school students reported using a vaping product in the last 30 days, compared to less than 1% just 10 years ago,” he said.The alderman said the CDC has found most youth e-cigarette users started with flavored vaping products.

“We all know that vaping is unsafe for children, and we all know that vaping products are marketed to children, with flavors like apple berry bubblegum, cotton candy, gummi bear, froot loops, nilla vapes, strawberry shortcake,” he said.Ald. Harry Osterman (48th) said vaping products are specifically targeted and marketed for young people.

“Don’t take my word for it. Ask any teacher, ask any principal, ask any pediatrician,” he said. “It is a gateway, and these companies are making millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars on the health of our young people.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who supports the ban, said reducing tobacco use is a personal issue for her, because her late father was a two-pack-a-day smoker.

“I watched him die a slow, painful, miserable death. Why? Because of smoking,” she said.Lightfoot agreed with aldermen who said more needs to be done to curb smoking among teens and young adults, noting that some of her fifth-grade daughter’s classmates use vaping products in the school bathrooms.

“Make no mistake about it, the tobacco industry is targeting our children. They are targeting our children to addict a whole new generation of folks on tobacco, there’s no doubt about it,” she said.However, a handful of aldermen argued the ordinance will simply hurt the city’s finances, causing Chicago to lose badly needed tax revenue to neighboring suburbs and northwest Indiana.

“I have a real problem with this ordinance,” said Ald. Nicholas Sposato (38th). “We’re just killing businesses in this city. We’re making things tougher and tougher for people.”Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd), who also voted against the ordinance, and echoed Sposato’s fears of losing revenue to the suburbs, said he would have been more comfortable with a statewide ban on flavored vaping products.

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PikGo D18 Kit is a mesh pod starter kit that features 2ml pod cartridge and 1000mAh internal battery. Adopting chipset and intelligent auto-match technology, it brings you easy and convenient operation. And it can fire up to 23W max output power. Besides, the transparent pod utilizes ultrasonic technology and top filling design to avoid leakage. With adjustable airflow system, it allows you to experience different flavor. Moreover, it is suitable for DL and MTL vape.To get more news about IJOY PikGo D18, you can visit urvapin official website. Main Features: 1. 2ml pod cartridge and top filling design 2. 1000mAh built-in battery and 23W max output 3. chipset and intelligent auto-match technology 4. Suitable for DL/MTL with IJOYLAB Flavor Testing Technology(IFTT) 5. Adjustable airflow for different flavor 6. Transparent pod sealed by ultrasonic technology for leaking-proof

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Health officials investigating a nationwide outbreak of vaping illnesses have listed, for the first time, the vape brands most commonly linked to hospitalizations.To get more news about Cheap Vape Deals, you can visit urvapin official website.

Most of the nearly 2,300 people who suffered lung damage had vaped liquids that contain THC, the high-inducing part of marijuana.

In a report released Friday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed the products most often cited by patients, noting that some of them said they vaped more than one.Dank is not a licensed product coming from one business, it is empty packaging that can be ordered from Chinese internet sites. Illicit vaping cartridge makers can buy the empty packages and then fill them with whatever they choose.

Other product names at the top of the list from CDC were TKO (15%), Smart Cart (13%) and Rove (12%).“It’s not likely that a single brand is responsible for this outbreak,” said Brian King, a senior CDC official on the investigation.

Some of the brands cited by the CDC are sold in states with legalized marijuana. But counterfeits of those legitimate brands have flooded the market around the country, forcing some to redesign their packaging.

Bill Loucks, co-founder of TKO Products, said his company sells only to licensed dispensaries in California, but the company gets emails asking about TKO-branded cartridges purchased elsewhere.“If you bought them outside of California ... you are the proud owner of fakes,” Loucks said in an email.

The CDC also said Friday that the worst of the outbreak may be over. Preliminary data indicates hospitalizations peaked in mid-September and have been declining since, officials said.

Investigators want more data until they feel certain the outbreak is waning. If it is, there may be more than one reason, including growing public caution about vaping or perhaps a change in what cartridge makers are putting into them, King said.

But cases are still coming in, with 2,291 reported this year — including 176 that joined the tally in late November. Every state has reported cases, and 25 states and the District of Columbia have reported a total of 48 deaths.Symptoms include trouble breathing, chest pain, fatigue and vomiting. About half the patients are people in their teens or early 20s.

The outbreak appears to have started in March. CDC officials have gradually come to focus their investigation on black-market THC cartridges.

An analysis of about 1,800 of the hospitalized patients found about 80% said they used at least one THC product. Last month, CDC officials said they had narrowed in on a culprit — a chemical compound called vitamin E acetate that has been commonly found in the lungs of sick patients and in the products they vaped.

Vitamin E acetate is a thickening agent that’s been added to illicit THC vaping liquids. But it’s possible it also may have been added to vaping liquids containing CBD, another cannabis extract, King said. About 1% of the patients said they had vaped CBD products only.

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I think the strangest thing to Mut 21 coins make this FoF better would have been to enable the difficulty to be changed, Get rid of Snoop, ( why is Snoop rooting for a Missouri HS team that is not even my team? Yes I picked my home state what of it lol) And how about Tommy could be a rival or a buddy based on the options you made. Just like in the event that you choose to become friends you perform your differences out and he changes to WR to your school season.

In the event you become contests he belongs to a school and you meet at the championship match. Easy as pie! Instead Coach Bill O Brian is over here like"Hey I know you simply threw 10 TDS at the first half, but you're benched for Tommy in the name game. Hey look I understand Tommy nearly died on the area and you direct a comeback from the name game by scoring 8 straight TDS, but Tommy is the starter the next season unless you would like to convert to skill position, which will be some thing TOMMY HAS ALREADY DONE IN HIS CAREER! Or go to the NFL and only get drafted in the 3rd round or something lol Gets picked in the 1st.

Alright you have convinced me I hate it over Longshot now that I think about it. Omg lol that is the exact narrative no joke. I attempted to enter it but it was horribly done. I'll see whether it gets better but so far I am taking a major pass on this years madden and I've been buying it every year since 2005.

I truly tried to enter it but you struck all of the very same points as thought. Why am I playing HS if I get to go wherever I want regardless of drama. Why does Tommy have no options with me no matter this dialogue. How the hell did we get to the College Playoffs if the Head Coach chairs the guy that is averaging +6 TD's a game over the person who's clinging to life by a thread and has been enjoying WR in his machine the last two years? I simply does not adapt to the way your playing and the match has already determined what the outcome is going to be until you reach the league.

The celebrations got old the first time that they were introduced in'09... kinda surprised they brought them back and attempted to pass them off as new. This will be the first year since it came out that I will not be buying it. Every year it's the same thing"it has got to be much better" but it never is. I know I will miss it, especially playing online, but if enough people do this they will need to change. I kind of do expect next gen Madden is constructed from scratch today. I don't believe they can do anymore using the programming they've flopped on in Madden now. The foundation appears to be the issue (out of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins simply complete incompetence from execs focusing on non-sim football).

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Like, I get the NBA players arenot trained voice actors, but damn, get some voice actors to fill in the blanks or something.

Even the janky player nba 2k21 mt moves have remained the same. Why do some players randomly pull up with no one near them and then miss.

I seriously am looking forward to what is the point where the people, buying these games every year, say quit. But seeing all these items and even stuff like EA releasing literal FIFA... I believe 19 as FIFA 20 about the Switch... it will take a LOT.

Buddywe both know they just do it for no other motive than the additional 10 dollars. Yes, games are larger now, but is gambling and also the consumerbase generally, evening it out.

For the top ten essentially the lower you go the greater the intangibles stat.Ah gee I am some joyful they are bringing the prices around 70$ so I do not have to see ads or possess mtx any more!

By definition intangibles are items you can not rate and yet they decided"oh yea participant x has 69 intangibles yup that sounds about right" I found a concept that it is only used to influence the overall ratings of players, since there is literally no consistency for that stat differently.

Always have been the situation with player in buy nba 2k21 mt coins poor small market teams. They put up all times numbers and get blamed for not carrying out a  team to achievement. I think that the funniest thing about it is 2k put a score on intangibles.

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Hey, First of all hi to everyone, I am new to the forum but not new to this match. I've been away for a while now demanding. I only started this week in my f2p account. Well. Here is my point: First I would like to RS gold get my mage lvl up, I am 55 now. I've some mils in bank so I figured I could maybe do so, several times repeating and try to find equilibrium between mage lvling and cash.

This is exactly what I would like to do: Buy like 4k coal in 160ea, and mine 2k iron (wich can be made in some time). Then buy 4k nats (dunno exactly what the cost is currently ). Then smelt them with superheat to 2k steel bars. And here come's my query: First is it worth doing high alch on them to earn some money back or is it better to sell them and come back with the identical process again by then? Thanks for the additional assistance.

Well, I want to perform Barrows, as all my friends say that they always find awesome rewards, and I thought I would have a crack at trying to kill every one the brothers. I'm thinking of using Ancients for its meleer brothers, also for Karil. Range for Ahrim. I got 70 mage, so I was thinking of using Ice Burst, and freezing themso that they can't strike me (the melee brothers who is). I'll use. Total Light mystic, minus gloves + boots, barrows gloves, rune boots, ancient personnel, glory amulet, Guthix Cape, Guthix book (all pages), For Ahrim I will be utilizing, Magic brief bow, around 50 rune arrows, black d hide body and chaps.

Incase something goes wrong... Spade, 1 prayer pot (4) only in case... Sharks (? Just how many?) Runes for Ice Burst (Can I use Ice rush?) Range materials for Ahrim,. Also - how many casts of Ice Burst/rush should I choose?

K this is a matter we've got, its something that severly annoys me with GE. Ok so certian items (quite alot of items really ) when I try and purchase them off the ge it will sell me a certian amount of the item and t hen stop completely. Even though I could normally purchase the item for whatever price I have it the GE will stop selling it to me personally. For instance, I can only buy 100 yew longbows at one time. Then it stops promoting. I am only able to purchase 100 shield amulet at a moment, then it ceases promoting. I am only able to purchase 100 magical longbows at one moment, then it stops selling. I can only by 25000 nature runes at one time, then it quits promoting.

I can only purchase 5000 sapphires at one moment, then it quits selling. I am only able to buy 10000 goal bars at one time, then it quits selling. I don't have any idea why, yet I wish to buy these things. In case you havent guessed yet, I am trying to raise my magical level via high alchemy. I would like to buy rsgp paypal create 90k sapphire necklaces and then alch them I want 90000 sapphires 90000 gold bars and 90000 character runes but GE wont let me buy these items over a certian amount!

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Beat up or brand new, there's no denying that the loafer is the shoe of the season. 'It's very Italian, like the menswear,' Gabbana said of the collection in a preview. He loved women and was able to capture a woman's femininity in a unique way, creating the perfect extension of a woman's leg through his shoes. "I wasn't exactly sure how long I would stay in footwear but I do have to say that even after 20 years there are so many questions I still want to have answered, and I have found the subject really, really interesting," Common Projects Outlet says Semmelhack over the phone.

Carter's work. She holds annual corporate retreats that bring together people from all levels of the fashion industry and designers at various stages in their careers. It's... "You know the sneakers with the really sick bottoms, like Balenciaga? That's the kind I like. I mean, I'll always take an extra half an inch if I can get it. "I wanted to create Common Projects Sale something that was bourgeois-and a little bit crazy," said makeup artist Tom Pecheux backstage at Altuzarra, where his dual-colored metallic ombre wings veered elegant paired with cool, austere hair 'dos.

Even tennis players today, the young players coming up, some know about tennis history-Roger Federer's really become a student of the history of the game-but some tennis players don't know about any of the players from the past. "My skill as a buyer was to show them how Common Projects Shoes and make it real. Or, nostalgic paparazzi shots of the pair adorned in Von Dutch trucker hats, Juicy Couture track suits, and, our favorite, those ubiquitous UGG boots. That means thin soles and a low drop (the distance in millimetres from the heel to the toe).

"I'm counting down the minutes, no seconds, until I get to wear a summer strappy heel with a sundress. Last summer I dipped my toe in the square-toe pool but this summer I'm about to go off the deep end. Rutson built her wardrobe over 30 years as a buyer for Net-a-Porter and Lane Crawford-and, as she tells it, she "kept everything." More importantly, she wore it all, too. Or, as Laura admits, under your desk. Now, Rothschild is singing a more refined tune, and has her own line of timeless ballet flats, smoking slippers, and kitten heels to boot. As the anti it-Shoe, the simplicity and accessibility of New Balance sneakers make it an effortless wardrobe choice given our fragile state.

Instead, like many of us, the hottest woman in the world is working from home. By the time I've walked (raced?) the 2 km to work, I barely feel much different from when I first put them on. Online shopping is certainly touted as being more convenient, but is it? The idea of "Buy before you try" sounds enticing, until you realize you have to repackage and ship back the items that don't fit. One of the few celebrities who can take the fantastical beauty of haute couture and give it a dose of realism, Common Projects Sneakers Lawrence wears her Dior gowns with the same casual ease as a pair of jeans.

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(Stats and precision ) I left another QB on the Panthers and I am about 7 matches in and im manually saving after every game. So far as stats go it's still bad that's a BIG deal for me cause I like realism. Like other Maddens QBs have been Mut 21 coins having career years in efficacy Phillip River has thrown 1 int thru 7 matches, Sam Darnold has two the chief in ints is actually Aaron Rodgers lol. I have Christian Mccaffrey in my group so I attempt to get him the ball alot...I play on All-Pro and with 89 carries Mccaffrey has 252 yards that has 2.8 yards a carry. I went to test to determine other running backs were at and Mccaffrey gets the lowest yard/attempt than any starting RB in the NFL he's a 99! . Like I said prior to the drops are mad and I think that it's funny that they took the drops of the season stats because I really think Robby Anderson could have just as much drops as catches. I checked mid match (it still shows drops during the match ) and Robby Anderson contains 5 DROPS, and Delanie Walker had two so thats 7 drops in 1 half I had 9 jump moves. Additionally WHY can't you equip little pads on the Yard but maybe not in Franchise, as a QB it's normal to have smaller pads and In real life you can always tell who the QB is but in Madden I am wearing exactly the same pads a LB would even once I place the hight and width to 0 they're still to large.

I only want superstar mode back!!! If they created madden 05 but with ps4 images it is undoubtedly the greatest Madden ever. Even Madden 08 where according to your performance from the combine it determines your overall and also you could do the iq test and also have an agent. It's just disappointing.

One more thing Madden could do would be get ride of there hollow practice manner and make it into something like UFC were the groundwork means alot. Like we can have tasks mid-week like research there defense and work on money plays thay provides you skill points then you could allocate the stage to other players in your team for the week. It would make it alot more immersive and every game would feel more private for example if we played a team with a weak run defense we could work on run blocking in training to expose their weakness. From the NFL that week ahead of the game is very important to what happens on Sunday

I really do think that is far better than Madden 17-20 but there's still SO MUCH things they could do I expect EAs on buy mut coins madden 21 the right track after getting completely humiliated by the general public but hello....its Madden. Great write up, but"hey, it is Madden" is the complacency that EA is banking on customers believe.

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Our main goal is to be able to have a one stop shop where everything you could imagine involving a sneaker would be at our Alexander Mcqueen Outlet store. If you want to buy sneakers, if you want to clean your sneakers etc. "My team and our staff were our biggest concern. In Europe, luxury labels have been mobilizing their resources in an effort to fight the virus and aid those in the medical fields working tirelessly and fearlessly to save lives. Burberry announced over the weekend that it was taking a multi-pronged approach: utilizing its global supply chain to deliver over 100,000 non-surgical masks to the U.K. National Health Service; reorganizing its trench coat factory in Castleford, Yorkshire, to make non-surgical masks and gowns for patients; and funding vaccine research as well as donating to various charities.

A few swipes of mascara, a pull of black liner along the waterline, and a rose-nude lip-coupled with glowing skin and gilded accessories-were all that was needed to elevate the model's new mane from brightened to striking. According to the Fall 2019 runways, her distinctively Aughties style is back. The most compelling pieces were the ones that had a substance to the hand, be that a robe coat in a looped boucl or blanket dresses for evening that encircled the shoulders in fuzzy wool. What we don't buy is the hype stuff nowadays.

Birds are Alexander Mcqueen Shoes chirping, flowers are blooming, and those long-lasting winter blues have finally lifted. According to Jad Finck, VP of Innovation and Sustainability, "We don't want to be a sustainable shoe company, we want to be a company that makes great shoes and we do it sustainably." They may not be shouting it from the rooftops but the environment is omnipresent, not just in their thinking but even in their office space. On the front, Megan Thee Stallion is illustrated in her tiger-print outfit from the "WAP" video, alongside a tiger.

And last year at New York Fashion Week Daniels teamed up with IMG to host an exhibition of costume designer Ruth Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers E. Others are brand new, like Jawara Alleyne, who graduated from Central Saint Martins this year. For independent brands, keeping up with retailer demands was already a struggle before COVID-19-now it's a near impossibility. "With all the challenges that come with building a formidable brand today [designers] shouldn't be subjected to the same old retail politics in retail and wholesale platforms," says Sunni Dixon, whose brand SUNNI SUNNI will stock its black leather square-toed mules on the site.

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Don't get me wrong, the majority of Mut 21 coins these features are either long late or were in previous versions of the game, but its a step in the right direction and the very first FIFA game ive bought in 6 decades I know the mode doesn't generate the exact same type of money that MUT does but it's by far the most fun.

As long as the match is created by EA, it will never get better.Reminds me of"so long as the matrix is present, humanity will never be free" I will say. While gameplay is the exact same as FIFAs 15-20, FIFA 21 manager mode (franchise style mirror) got a lot of very nice quality of lifestyle changes this season.

Finally made a rack and did not purchase M21. Hopefully they fix and expand franchise mode so I wish to purchase the second game.

I discovered it by accident. I've really only ever used it blatantly in such as week 17 if I've got offensive players close to statistical prospects or breaking records How can I, the game doesn't even understand how football is likely to workGonna launch a special edition, super small MUT card.I'm awaiting Madden to reach this level of trolling. It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

I intentionally kick it short, typically received on round the 18, change players instantly, appears to be my fb on kick coverage group, run him out in a broad arc to the left, overlooking all the blockers, return after the blockers, then hit the hit stick right as I get to the returner, if I have missed all of the blockers and get to buy Madden 21 coins him, he will fumble every time and my coverage team will recover it around the 30 yard line.

This glitch has existed since madden 17 found a way to get the ball back 40 percent of the time or even better on kickoffs at Madden 21.

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